Effective presence of Holding 5040 in the semi-finals of the National Football Cup

According to Hassan ali Baghbanian, CEO of 5040 Holding, the subsidiary companies of this holding will play a considerable role in supporting the country’s sports and athletes to improve the country’s sports proficiency and make constructive interaction with the organization of the league and the Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This process started from the football match between Esteghlal and Persepolis teams in the semi-finals of the National Football Cup, and if some infrastructure is available, this trend will continue in the new season of the National Football Premier League.

Hassan Baghbanian added that the brands of Pezeshket as the largest online community of patients and physicians in the country, Hamkadeh as the first and largest psychological counseling center in the country, and also 5040 online stores as one of the largest online markets in the country all sponsored this attractive and popular football match.

The Yaghe brand, as the first free try-on menswear service in the area, without attending this competition as a sponsor, will provide a significant portion of the suit of the members of the club and national football teams of the country.

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