A summary of Tara Moheb’s life in her own language

I worked in the sales department of pharmaceutical companies for many years. I was the sales supervisor for three consecutive years.

From there, I got acquainted with sales. I got married in 1990, and in 1993, Celine was born. Because of Celine, I had a six-month maternity leave. I could not sit idle.  Two months after hitting my pajamas, he had passed fifty thousand and I added to my daily routine.  I am the official representative of the Swedish brand of stylish Twist children in Iran.

(Establishment of Litama site)

I started the Litama site after Soren was born due to the general lack of needed mother and baby products such as special powdered milk, special bottles and many other small things.

(Date and reason of Tara Moheb’s migration)

she moved to Istanbul in 2019 for his wife’s work


(Tara Moheb’s favorites)

I love writing and I like it more and my people like my writing more than what they follow.

(Litama Mother Baby Baby Store)

Litama started as a mother and child store with the three main goals of easy access to shopping, offering original and quality products, saving time and money.  In Litama store, parents can buy all kinds of diapers, powdered milk, milk bottles, bedroom accessories, toys, strollers, mother supplies, baby clothes, health products, safety accessories, etc. with amazing discounts.

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