After cleansing skin care advice from Deniz Makeup, a famous and popular Iranian blogger

The fact is that you should always follow this advice; But after cleansing, your skin is more sensitive than ever. We know how tempting it is to peel off those annoying black and white pimples, but if you want to have a cleansing effect and have more beautiful skin than ever before, stop.

You should know that skin cleansing in the clinic is actually a deep cleansing and we put as much pressure on the skin as possible to repair itself. It is best not to use heavy makeup and strong skin care products for at least one day. Rest your skin. In addition, because the pores are open, the skin is prone to bacterial infections. So one of the most important care after cleansing the skin is to leave out the health and beauty products so that the serums, creams, exfoliators used during the cleansing process have better and more effects.

Remember that your skin is extremely sensitive after cleansing and should not be hard on it. Most of the time, serums and tools are used, as well as facial massages, which remove the skin’s natural protective barriers. Therefore, it is better to use a mild moisturizing cleanser in the post-cleansing care program for washing.

For example, “Body Shampoo for Sensitive Skin” is a good choice. This shampoo cleans the skin without damaging the skin’s protective barriers and at the same time hydrates.

Toners are a group of skin cleansers that are more powerful than soap cleansers. Toners can also remove impurities from skin pores. Most toners are water based and contain essential oils and fats.

One of the post-cleansing care is to avoid being in hot environments. Dry and steam saunas may be a good place to spend the next evening cleaning, but this is not the case. Steam sauna is good for the skin, but we do what it does in the skin cleansing process. Smoking or going to the steam room after cleansing the skin can cause sensitization and damage to the capillaries of the skin and cause bruising.

Of course, you can go to one of the massage centers after cleansing your face, but we recommend that you do not do this for at least one or two days. During the massage, your face is in direct contact with the massage bed. This both increases the risk of skin infections and irritates your sensitive skin.

Athletes may be tempted to head to the gym after clearing their skin or to enjoy the fresh air outside and jogging in the park. Do not do this and do not neglect exercise for at least one day. During exercise, the skin temperature rises and you sweat. These two can irritate and irritate sensitive skin after cleansing.

Excessive peeling and exfoliation can damage the skin’s protective layer and can lead to skin inflammation. Clinics usually use special physical or chemical exfoliators to cleanse the skin, which are much more effective than exfoliators and home scrubs.

When it comes to facial cleansing after facial cleansing, the most important thing to note is not to overdo it. This is especially true for products that have the potential to irritate our skin, such as retinoids and retinols, household exfoliators, strong cleansers and cleansers, and tonics containing salicylic acid.

You should not go to outdoor or beach pools for a few days after cleansing your skin. Unless you wear a large straw hat all the time, not a single ray of sunshine will fall on your face. Because your skin has lost its horny layers after cleansing, it is more sensitive and vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays. A few days after cleansing, our worries will decrease, but be sure to use sunscreen with an SPF above 30 every day. It does not matter if the weather is sunny or cloudy or rainy. Apply your sunscreen every day.

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