Mrs. Sanam R. (Samipoor), a famous blogger, explains how to be a blogger with the 2021 method

Many people want to know how to become an Instagram blogger. For that, we should know that Instagram today is no different from social media in 2012 which were assigned for sharing and viewing our friends’ photos. Nowadays, many people try being a blogger by creating quality content. It is obvious now that being a blogger on Instagram is not a one-night stand success and it requires a lot of effort and determination. However, being a blogger on a competitive media such as Instagram is not an impossible mission. You only need to know the basics and standards of it and then by some trials and patients you can achieve your desires.

Although these two words are confused with each other in our daily conversations, they are different. Before getting to know the way for being an Instagram blogger, let’s analyze the difference between these two words.

For knowing how to become a blogger on Instagram, you should note that bloggers are those who produce content about a specific topic on a specific platform (social media, weblogs, etc.).

On the other hand, influencers, as it is evident from their name, they are influencing. They impress their followers. Here, impressing means altering others’ choices in purchasing. Therefore, one can be both an influencer and a blogger. So, they can produce content on a specific topic and influence others’ decisions. A person may become a blogger and adorbs many followers but they can’t alter the way others making up their minds.

Besides, for knowing how to become a blogger on Instagram, you should note that in Iran and other parts of the world, some people have accounts on social media but they are not boggers, so, they are not specialized and don’t create content about specific proficiency, however, they can impress others to change their choices which makes them influencers.

Imagine you are searching through Instagram explorer and you find someone who seems to be on a trip. As you are interested in traveling and tourist sites so you tap on it. You enjoy the photo so you enter the associated page so that you find more similar posts.

The profile of this blogger is full of amazing places and their trips. So, you may follow that page. Now, imagine when you enter the page, you find various photos of their pets, family, selfies, flowers, and cosmetics! What would happen? You may be disappointed with the page.

When users visit your page and decide to follow you, they do it with a purpose and expectation. So, to attract more followers you need to choose a field for blogging. A field that is somehow related to your proficiency so that you don’t bother to produce relevant content.

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