Most of the people set time for success, which tends to frustrate the individuals but there are individuals that defy those standards, one of them is Ahmad Mahmood.

Born in Dubai, Ahmad was always in touch of the business world and at the age of 16, Ahmad started up an online business called Sneakermania, it was a platform where he sold sneakers shoes, in that time he did a few giveaways on Instagram that got a lot of attention for his business and brought tons of new customers, with that boost, Ahmad resolved to open his pop-up shop in Dubai for a few days, becoming enormously popular and successful. Through his company he could make lots of money and had the chance to work with popular influencers and celebrities.

Currently he has his new social media agency and management among other big businesses he expects to open soon. Nevertheless, Ahmad is also known by his eye-catching lifestyle, a lifestyle that he shows on his Instagram account @1ahmad, chilling Dubai with a wide range of big names and YouTubers like Logan Paul, Tyga and also celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Cristiano Ronaldo and if you’re fascinated by the shear extreme luxury, wealth and extraordinary way of life, you must take a look at his most recent videos on YouTube or Instagram.

He is widely known as the richest kid of Dubai, a nickname that is also used by a lot of YouTube stars such as MoVlogs and Lana Rose to refer to Ahmad. This youngster is celebrated for posting viral photographs of his huge costly vehicles and also with videos of his exotic pets like lions or tigers.

Furthermore, Ahmad knows well that fortune doesn’t come alone, it is necessary to work hard. “When you work harder in life the more fortunate you become” stated Ahmad. According to him, it doesn’t make a difference on your goals if you’re 100% prepared or not, it just matters if you’re ready to give all your capacity and effort then achievement is unavoidable. Also, he says “life is 10% of what befalls you and 90% how you respond” suggesting that errors and grievous occasions will arrive at all of us and also suggesting that the only way to face it is by appropriately handling all kinds of situations.

Ahmad is demonstrating to the world that the word success is suitable for everyone, without limit of age. He is a young businessman with a future full of vision, with determination and eager to change the world. For sure, we will hear more about Ahmad Mahmood, follow him on his social networks.

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