Most of the people set time for success, which tends to frustrate the individuals but there are individuals that defy those standards, one of them is Ahmad Mahmood.

Born in Dubai, Ahmad was always in touch of the business world and at the age of 16, Ahmad started up an online business called Sneakermania, it was a platform where he sold sneakers shoes, in that time he did a few giveaways on Instagram that got a lot of attention for his business and brought tons of new customers, with that boost, Ahmad resolved to open his pop-up shop in Dubai for a few days, becoming enormously popular and successful. Through his company he could make lots of money and had the chance to work with popular influencers and celebrities.

Currently he has his new social media agency and management among other big businesses he expects to open soon. Nevertheless, Ahmad is also known by his eye-catching lifestyle, a lifestyle that he shows on his Instagram account @1ahmad, chilling Dubai with a wide range of big names and YouTubers like Logan Paul, Tyga and also celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Cristiano Ronaldo and if you’re fascinated by the shear extreme luxury, wealth and extraordinary way of life, you must take a look at his most recent videos on YouTube or Instagram.

He is widely known as the richest kid of Dubai, a nickname that is also used by a lot of YouTube stars such as MoVlogs and Lana Rose to refer to Ahmad. This youngster is celebrated for posting viral photographs of his huge costly vehicles and also with videos of his exotic pets like lions or tigers.

Furthermore, Ahmad knows well that fortune doesn’t come alone, it is necessary to work hard. “When you work harder in life the more fortunate you become” stated Ahmad. According to him, it doesn’t make a difference on your goals if you’re 100% prepared or not, it just matters if you’re ready to give all your capacity and effort then achievement is unavoidable. Also, he says “life is 10% of what befalls you and 90% how you respond” suggesting that errors and grievous occasions will arrive at all of us and also suggesting that the only way to face it is by appropriately handling all kinds of situations.

Ahmad is demonstrating to the world that the word success is suitable for everyone, without limit of age. He is a young businessman with a future full of vision, with determination and eager to change the world. For sure, we will hear more about Ahmad Mahmood, follow him on his social networks.


Joe Brown— The man who believes that optimism is the key to success in life

Joe Brown, the founder of DearDoc, is helping doctors around the world by democratizing AI for them. It was his passion that led him to the massive success that he is so proud of today. But what’s bigger than his passion is his ability never to give up. He believes that he is an optimist. Having that attitude has helped enrich not just his own life but those of people around him too.

Joe says that he comes from a long line of thinkers, doers, and problem solvers. Spending time with his family has been a boon to his growth and inspired him to do something great without the fear of what the future holds. You don’t need to fill up your mind with an unrealistic degree of faith that everything has to be great and amazing.  Instead, thrive on healthy optimism where you continue to see the bright side of things instead of wallowing in negativity.

When talking about his business with fellow entrepreneurs, Joe is always straightforward in sharing what worked for him and what did not. He believes that the generation needs honesty and to understand that failures are inevitable. Sometimes, the best way to move on from failure is to try again simply. As a leader or founder, if you feel like your team has done something wrong in any capacity, it becomes essential for you to motivate them to make amends and keep trying.

Joe says that instead of thinking about all the things in our lives that aren’t perfect, we should use what is available to us for good and make a positive impact. He knew he was not good at school. However, he got acquainted with his caliber as a businessman at his first job and used that potential to turn around his life for himself.

Joe Brown has always thought of failures as stepping stones to success. His optimistic nature never allowed him to think otherwise. Failure truly hits you only when you give up on your dreams. Joe understands this aspect of life and wants others to stay optimistic and keep trying no matter what!


Meet the dynamic millennial entrepreneur Akitashintaro from Japan taking giant strides in the business world

Founder, CEO, entrepreneur, and investor, Akitashintaroexudes sheer passion and brilliance across IT, Fashion, and Food & beverages domains

Business world is growing tremendously with great innovative technology and minds. Especially youth have grabbed huge attention with their incredible work in respective sectors. Each business sector is expanding largely which also leads to high competition. But some individuals have set a benchmark with their unique work skills. Meet one such young individual who owns a successful company at a very tender age – Akitashintaro. This young CEO is an expert in manufacturing and selling of solar panels. His company is one of the top IT companies in Japan. He is one of the most seek and sought-after entrepreneurs of Japan.

To be a successful businessman at a young age is not a walk in the park. Akitashintaro grind himself hard to reach the level of success where he is today. Finished his graduation from one of the Japan’s leading advanced school, which helped him to develop skills and art of work implementation. Within a short span he owned his own company at a very young age of 22. At an age where any young individual ponder upon what they want to do in their lives and career, Akitashintarobecame a CEO, now that is the determination to turn the dreams into reality. His company has more than 600 employees in just five years and keeps on expanding each year. His main business is manufacturing and selling of solar panels. They have set up their own panel manufacturing plant in China for efficient work process.

Apart from his business, he has also invested in numerous Japan’s leading fashion shows and in world martial arts competitions. He has been invited to fashion shows of world-famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino and Chanel. This enhances his humbleness in helping other sectors to grow by doing various investments. He also investment in various restaurants in Singapore and Dubai in 2012. Due to his multiple work ventures, he keeps on travelling to France, Dubai, England and Italy often, but plans to open restaurants in all of those countries within two years. He has become one of the renowned business personalitiesand is the only one to receive invitations every year from several events, with only about three such Paris Collet collections from around the world. He is well known figure among celebrities and political world.

With global aspirations in mind, Akitashintaro is marching ahead wide spreading his operation to as many sectors as possible across the globe.


An entrepreneur who left the military to build his empire through digital marketing

Brandon Odom is a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur who has found success in the digital world. He graduated from the United States Military Academy and went to earn his Master’s in Leadership Studies. He served as an Active Duty US Army Officer for 7 years. In 2014, he left the military and became an affiliate marketer. He has directly coached over 100 aspiring entrepreneurs in launching and their profitable affiliate or direct sales businesses online allowing them to walk away from their jobs and he has positively impacted thousands of others through digital training courses.

 Odam’s work profile

Brandon’s latest brand Super Affiliate Life showcases his lessons learned through the journey beginning as a struggling affiliate marketer 6 years ago, to producing multiple 7 figures in online sales and along the way helping others find their paths to personal success using a specific set of digital skills and learning money is only a by-product, not a goal.

Over the last 5 years, he has generated over $10 million in sales directly and through multiple digital sales, funnels created. Brandon and his team have helped 7 separate businesses generate their first $1 million online, most of them starting from zero. “We’ve taught thousands of students digital marketing and over 100 individuals have made the switch to a full-time career in it through our training and support.”

Hurdles faced by Brandon

Not many people want to talk about the mistakes committed in the journey. Brandon feels it’s important to know that you learn a lot more wisdom from failure than success. “I’ve made at least 3 million dollar mistakes in just the last 4 years and had to shut down several of my companies as well. Those failures were caused by not properly vetting deals and partners, taking on too many opportunities at a time, scaling systems too soon without properly optimizing, and neglecting parts of my business that were doing well and allowing them to lose momentum.” Brandon stated.

Brandon’s plans to expand his empire

One of the major goals Brandon has is to purchase or construct his ideal dance club and event space in Phoenix or Scottsdale that he has envisioned. “What I have in mind would take about $5 million and would bring a smile to a lot of peoples’ faces including my own”, says Brandon. One of the major goals Brandon has is to purchase or construct his ideal dance club and event space in Phoenix or Scottsdale that he has envisioned. “What I have in mind would take about $5 million and would bring a smile to a lot of peoples’ faces including my own”, says Brandon.


Back up plans should fit paper structures into an in general computerized methodology as opposed to attempting to lead an industry-wide upheaval.

Paper is ending up being a commendable foe of the advanced change—in any event in the social insurance industry. The various players in this division have an excess of put resources into the paper structure procedure to make the transition to a totally computerized world. Another report from McKinsey and Company discloses how to function with this industry dynamic rather than against it. The report, Best-in-class advanced record handling: A payer point of view, suggests a technique that makes the paper procedure progressively effective and openings it into a bigger computerized system.

As per McKinsey, paper-based procedures suffer due to:

General hierarchical unbending nature

Hazard unwilling basic leadership

Representatives’ dread of employment misfortunes

To get rid of paper frames for the last time, medical coverage organizations need to change their inside business procedures, and afterward persuade industry accomplices to modernize their own frameworks. That incorporates accomplices, merchants, specialists, government organizations, and buyers. A large number of these associations keep away from this far reaching change as a result of noteworthy exchanging costs, among different obstructions.

The momentary objective isn’t to supplant paper yet to show signs of improvement at managing it. Getting this period of the computerized change right is essential in light of the fact that precise, organized information is an essential for other digitization endeavors. Omnichannel showcasing and investigation change come up short “when information is buried in large piles of paper.”
Advanced archive handling has three stages: record ingestion, inside preparing and report conveyance. The transient objective for safety net providers is to improve the principal stage—the procedure through which approaching data on paper reports is ingested and after that made accessible in an organized, advanced design.

McKinsey diagrams four stages for this sort of change:

Pick a seller and evaluate the requirement for procedure overhaul

Select a devoted IT group to deal with a proof of idea venture and after that fabricate the tech framework

Make a computerized manufacturing plant to assemble new IT devices and procedures that will reshape the everyday work process in all divisions

Build up a devoted change the executives exertion to enable representatives to progress to the new framework

The authors of the report state that the fourth step is crucial to complete the transformation “because the last 20 percent of paper-based processes are usually the hardest to eliminate.” They also have found that “employees who are used to paper-based processes typically need help in adapting to the new digital processes.”

McKinsey prescribes a moderate advancement to computerized in light of the fact that: “Payers and most of the stakeholders they work with lag behind most other industries in their level of maturity and thus face high switching costs if they want to move to fully digital processes.”

In arranging the change, the creators suggest these strategies:

Construct IT design that can adapt to all parts of archive handling.

Include the specialty units as quickly as time permits and utilize a base reasonable item approach.

Build up reliable key execution pointers to screen achievement and steer toward most extreme worth.

Be wary about structure custom arrangements. Business arrangements are exceptionally best in class.

Try not to think little of the exertion required to upgrade inside IT work processes.

Try not to ignore fundamental investigation capacities—they are frequently more important than man-made reasoning approaches.