Andrew Symonds’ dogs endure lethal car crash, wouldn’t walk out on him in the afterlife

Previous Australia cricketer Andrew Symonds’ grievous end has left the whole cricket society in shock. Viewed as one of the best all-rounders to have played for Australia, Symonds died on Saturday (May 14) after a deadly auto collision. The previous cricketer kicked the bucket on the spot after his vehicle went off the street and turned over.

The grievous mishap occurred in the edges of the Townsville region in Queensland, Australia. While police have sent off an examination concerning the matter, subtleties of the grievous mishap have begun to arise. According to an observer, Symonds was joined by his two pet canines when the portentous mishap occurred.

Both the canines figured out how to endure the fender bender and one of them wouldn’t leave his lord’s side even after his passing. The observer uncovered her accomplice attempted to restore Symonds yet the cricketer had no heartbeat.

“Whenever we arrived we could see a vehicle topsy turvy with a man in it. One of them (canine) was extremely delicate and didn’t have any desire to leave him. It would simply snarl at you each time we attempted to move him or go close to him,” the observer was cited as saying by Australia’s Courier Mail.

“My accomplice attempted to get (Symonds) out of the vehicle, to put him on to his back. He was oblivious, not responsive, and had no heartbeat,” she added.

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