Backbreaking Journey of Ellen Alexander towards Modeling, Acting and Singing

Ellen Alexander is a multi talented girl who polished her skills with time and standard. She has maintained the repute of classy and beautiful in the industry and established all by herself in the USA. Originally, she is from Moscow, Russia. Her parents are scientists as her grandfather was too. After getting an economics degree according to her parents wish, she said goodbye to this field and chose an entire different career modeling. After doing some work in Russia, she first moved to the UK and then the USA. In between, she travelled to many other countries for different projects and still does.

Along with a smart and beautiful woman, Ellen is very down to earth. She is in-nature very simple girl who will go shopping without wearing make-up or fancy clothes. She is a complete package of humbleness and success. She knows how to respect others. All the good attitude and hard work has earned her more than 312k followers on Instagram.  

Start of her Career

Being the daughter of a famous scientist, other scientists and many photographers will take shoots of her. She enjoyed those shoots and set her goal of becoming a model.

Ellen work as Model

Ellen started doing national commercial shoots and performing on TV. Now she is doing photo shoots in different countries. She told in an interview that her favorite work in this field is being editorial campaigns for fashion publications. She has appeared in many magazine articles and magazine covers including Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Playboy, Maxim Belgium & France, FHM and many more. Currently, she is travelling globally and doing many projects.     

Ellen in Entertainment Industry

While doing an Economics degree, she also realizes her passion towards acting and entertainment and hence participates in many theatres. Along the modeling journey, she carried her career in the direction of acting too. She did not leave behind her enthusiasm for acting and performed in many TV shows and theatres.

After doing some work in Russia modeling/acting, she moved to the UK to get more successful. There, she got admission in the Royal Academy of arts in London but could not attend the classes due to a lot of work regarding her modeling/acting. She was offered many projects there and in other countries.

After some work in the UK, she moved to the USA and continued her work harder. For now, she is settled in Los Angeles but still travels for shoots.

TV shows in which she had worked include Gold diggers, Woman on the edge, Law of the lawless and Poor Anastasia.

Future Plans of Ellen

In an interview, Ellen said that she has written 100 songs which she has aimed to release one by one or as an album with time. Although she is a struggling singer, recently, she released her song ‘Shadows’ which have earned her a lot of fans and views. She made a channel on YouTube of her name where she uploads her songs. It is a new start for her and we wish her good luck for it.

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