“In Touch With Space”: model and co-founder of the biotech startup “Create U future” Ellen Alexander has announced the release of her new book about space

An American model with Russian roots, co-founder of the biotech startup “Create U future” Ellen Alexander has announced the release of her new book, “In Touch With Space”. This is the author’s second book, dedicated to those to whom we can thank for making flights into space no longer be a fairy tale. Counted among them is her grandfather, Nikolai Ivanovich Bugaev, a man who worked in the same team as the first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, and the founder of practical cosmonautics, the distinguished designer and organizer of the work behind the creation of space-rocketry technology in the USSR, Sergei Korolev.

Today, nobody is surprised by the topic of space tourism: the first successful flights by the billionaires Bezos and Branson into low orbit in the summer of 2021 forced the entire world to applaud them and, more importantly, talk about the start of a new era of possible travel into space or into low orbit. Now, private space operators are competing to offer tourist trips into space, and Japanese billion Yusaku Maezawa has talked about recruiting a team to travel to the moon, where Elon Musk will send them in 2023.

One hundred years ago, Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovskiy, who was at the forefront of cosmonautics, spoke about settling people on other planets, and that he was “…ready to allow inter-planetary communications within each solar system”. But even during the middle of the previous century, stories about man in space and programs for the exploration of the Moon, Venus, and Mars were considered by many to be fantasy. They were brought to life by the people that, 60 years ago, embodied mankind’s dreams about trips into outer space.

And just when those trips were put on the agenda, the problem of long-range communications became of particular importance: for improving the accuracy of rocket flights, it was necessary to conduct a correction, which only becomes possible when it’s in orbit. For communications, it was necessary to create back on Earth a network of ground measuring points, NIPs, which allowed cosmonauts in orbit to communicate by telephone with Mission Control Center. One of these, NIP-10, which provided radio and telecommunications between Earth and space, was commanded for many years by Nikolai Bugaev. He became the second person, after Sergei Korolev, to speak with cosmonaut №1, Yuri Gagarin, during his legendary flight into space. Afterwards, Gagarin sent Mr. Bugaev a photocopy of his image on the screen for space communications.

NIP-10, located near Simferopol, was created for the development of the USSR’s lunar program. It was at that location on October 4th, 1957, that communications with Earth’s first artificial satellite were established. The location was was also used for testing the test model of the Soviet lunar rover.

Ellen Alexander’s first book, “Nikolai Bugaev: The Radioman of the Cosmos Era”, dedicated to the pioneers of domestic cosmonautics, was released in May of 2021, the 60th anniversary of Gagarin’s flight into space. Her second book, “In Touch With Space” continues the theme of space exploration, which now attracts the attention of not only scientists: it has turned from an object of scientific research into one of a tourist destination.

“Now, when space tourism is actively developing, and statements about the settlement of humans on other planets no longer seem utopian, the topic of space exploration is relevant in a way like it never has been before. But it didn’t come from nowhere. I don’t want people to forget who was at the beginnings of the study of outer space. It was dedicated scientists like Konstantin Tsiolkovskiy, Sergei Korolev, Georgiy Babakin, and many others, who, like my grandfather Nikolai Bugaev, dedicated their lives to making flights beyond Earth possible. Today, it is very important that space unites people: its study requires cooperation and collaboration between scientists of various nations, and international crews living together like a family,” says Ellen Alexander.

The book “In Touch With Space” will be published in two languages, in Russian and in English, and will be available for purchase quite soon.

About the author

Ellen Alexander, is an American model with Russian roots, actress, author of songs and music, and co-founder of the biotech startup “Create U Future” and the Russian-American project “Global Difference Foundation”, which supports the development and continuation of future technologies. Ellen graduated from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in the faculty of international economic relations.


Ellen Alexander releases a book in honor of her grandfather Nikolai Bugaev “The Radioman of Cosmos Era”

“The Radioman of the Cosmos Era”: release of the book about Nikolai Bugaev, a person who ensured radio communication with all cosmonauts in the USSR, as well as control of all space objects of the country

In May, a book about Nikolai Ivanovich Bugaev, a person who worked in the same team as Sergei Korolev, the founder of practical cosmonautics, an outstanding designer and organizer of rocket and space technology in the USSR, designers Georgy Babakin, Mikhail Ryazansky, Alexey Bogomolov, will be released on the markets.

Nikolai Ivanovich Bugaev also organized and provided telephone and television communication with all cosmonauts starting from the first human-crewed flight of Yu.A. Gagarin and right up to the entry into space and the first manual landing of the Soviet manned spaceship Voskhod-2. He organized and conducted communications with the first deep space objects, “Moon”, “Venus”, and “Mars”.

In the middle of the last century, talk about an artificial satellite of the Earth, a man in space, the program to explore the Moon, Venus, Mars seemed to most people taken out of the context of a science fiction novel. But there were particular people behind their implementation.

In those years, not only the name of Chief Designer Sergei Korolev was strictly classified. People rarely talked on television about those who participated in space exploration with him. Colonel Nikolai Ivanovich Bugaev is among them.

When our first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, German Titov, and their comrades were in space, Nikolai Bugaev was the commander of NIP-10 — the ground measuring station near Simferopol, which was established to ensure communication with space objects.

Exactly from there, on October 4, 1957, a connection was made on the reception of signals with the first artificial satellite, and exactly there were carried out tests of the first Soviet moon rover. On a specially created lunodrom, space geologists and designers created and built a moon section, similar to the real one, with craters, stones, and “moon dust” from the Evpatoria shell rock. That’s where the crews were trained to operate the moon rover.

And on October 7, 1959, the Soviet interplanetary space station “Luna-3” photographed the moon’s backside for the first time in human history, and the image was spread worldwide. “Kolya, you and I will fly to Mars and Venus soon!” – said then Korolev to Nikolai Bugaev.

NIP-10 provided radio and TV communication between Earth and space, enabling cosmonauts in orbit to communicate by telephone with the Mission Control Center. Nikolai IvanovichBugaev is one of the two people who spoke to Gagarin during his legendary flight into space: the first was Sergei Korolev.

Later, Gagarin and Nikolai Bugaev repeatedly met, both for work and leisure.

That famous session and all the following ones — during Titov’s flight and when Leonov went into open space for the first time and Belyaev for the first time performed manual control of the spacecraft landing — were successfully conducted by NIP-10.

Thanks to the flawless work of NIP under the leadership of Bugaev, many other world-shaking breakthroughs in space exploration were made. Aircraft were controlled from there, and scientific and service information was received and transcribed there. It is no coincidence that Bugaev’s home archive keeps photographs with dedicatory inscriptions of people, whose honor stations, streets, cities, and planets are named today.

In 2021, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s space flight, Major Publishing House published a book dedicated to NikolaiBugaev, the radio operator of the cosmos era, who was at the origins of the Soviet and Russian cosmonautics. And he sincerely believed that in the near future, the words spoken to him by Sergei Korolev about flights to Mars and Venus would come true.

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About the publisher:

Major Publishing House was founded in 2000. Currently publishes books of various orientations, with a focus on popular science literature. The Publisher’s books are represented in many large bookstores such as Biblio-Globus, Moscow House of Books, MolodayaGvardiya in Moscow, St. Petersburg House of Books, Yekaterinburg House of Books, etc.


Backbreaking Journey of Ellen Alexander towards Modeling, Acting and Singing

Ellen Alexander is a multi talented girl who polished her skills with time and standard. She has maintained the repute of classy and beautiful in the industry and established all by herself in the USA. Originally, she is from Moscow, Russia. Her parents are scientists as her grandfather was too. After getting an economics degree according to her parents wish, she said goodbye to this field and chose an entire different career modeling. After doing some work in Russia, she first moved to the UK and then the USA. In between, she travelled to many other countries for different projects and still does.

Along with a smart and beautiful woman, Ellen is very down to earth. She is in-nature very simple girl who will go shopping without wearing make-up or fancy clothes. She is a complete package of humbleness and success. She knows how to respect others. All the good attitude and hard work has earned her more than 312k followers on Instagram.  

Start of her Career

Being the daughter of a famous scientist, other scientists and many photographers will take shoots of her. She enjoyed those shoots and set her goal of becoming a model.

Ellen work as Model

Ellen started doing national commercial shoots and performing on TV. Now she is doing photo shoots in different countries. She told in an interview that her favorite work in this field is being editorial campaigns for fashion publications. She has appeared in many magazine articles and magazine covers including Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Playboy, Maxim Belgium & France, FHM and many more. Currently, she is travelling globally and doing many projects.     

Ellen in Entertainment Industry

While doing an Economics degree, she also realizes her passion towards acting and entertainment and hence participates in many theatres. Along the modeling journey, she carried her career in the direction of acting too. She did not leave behind her enthusiasm for acting and performed in many TV shows and theatres.

After doing some work in Russia modeling/acting, she moved to the UK to get more successful. There, she got admission in the Royal Academy of arts in London but could not attend the classes due to a lot of work regarding her modeling/acting. She was offered many projects there and in other countries.

After some work in the UK, she moved to the USA and continued her work harder. For now, she is settled in Los Angeles but still travels for shoots.

TV shows in which she had worked include Gold diggers, Woman on the edge, Law of the lawless and Poor Anastasia.

Future Plans of Ellen

In an interview, Ellen said that she has written 100 songs which she has aimed to release one by one or as an album with time. Although she is a struggling singer, recently, she released her song ‘Shadows’ which have earned her a lot of fans and views. She made a channel on YouTube of her name where she uploads her songs. It is a new start for her and we wish her good luck for it.

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