Ellen Alexander releases a book in honor of her grandfather Nikolai Bugaev “The Radioman of Cosmos Era”

“The Radioman of the Cosmos Era”: release of the book about Nikolai Bugaev, a person who ensured radio communication with all cosmonauts in the USSR, as well as control of all space objects of the country In May, a book about Nikolai Ivanovich Bugaev, a person who worked in the same team as Sergei Korolev, the founder of practical cosmonautics, an outstanding designer and organizer of rocket and space technology in the USSR, designers Georgy Babakin, Mikhail Ryazansky, Alexey Bogomolov, will be released on the markets. Nikolai Ivanovich Bugaev also…

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Backbreaking Journey of Ellen Alexander towards Modeling, Acting and Singing

Ellen Alexander is a multi talented girl who polished her skills with time and standard. She has maintained the repute of classy and beautiful in the industry and established all by herself in the USA. Originally, she is from Moscow, Russia. Her parents are scientists as her grandfather was too. After getting an economics degree according to her parents wish, she said goodbye to this field and chose an entire different career modeling. After doing some work in Russia, she first moved to the UK and then the USA. In…

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