Celebrated Dental Expert: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby Shares 5 Fundamental Tips for Young Dentists to Follow in 2021

Dentistry is one of the most rewarding, yet one of the competitive fields in the world. Many dentists would like to distinct themselves in a sea filled with talented dentist, and do not know how.

Many need guidance in how to succeed, and we have one of the best in the field: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby sharing golden tips in his livestream.

In such a young age, Dr. Ali managed to shine as a dentist star and became highly sought as per having tremendous experience and certificates under his belt. Winning the second-most talented dental student award in the UK and having a master’s of dental surgery that was attained as a dental scholarship in the UK: funded by the government, gives heavyweight to his advice as a current talented and celebrated dentist with multiple success in various fields. Currently, he is one of the most followed and most influential dentists on social media.

Some of his advice can be summarized as the following:

Do not stop learning

Your Bachelor’s degree is just the first step for your career success. Keep up to date with the latest guidelines, and get as much information and knowledge as you can through courses, seminars, attending conferences and reading scientific journals. This will overall help accelerating your growth in the career.

Do what you enjoy

Make sure you focus on the branch of dentistry that you like the most. If you like endodontics do more of it, if you like orthodontics then do more of it and so on. At this point considering specialty training can transform your career.

Do have a balanced lifestyle

It is easy to become workaholic when it comes to dentistry, therefore make sure you include time to enjoy hobbies, interests and socializing to avoid burnout.

Do ask for help

At early stages of your career, you might find cases that are complicated. Therefore, be open to ask for a second opinion from a colleague or a senior. Particularly, if the case is beyond the field of your expertise.

Do invest in a dental loupe

Investing in magnification will not only improve the accuracy and precision of work. But also, encourages a good posture, as it forces the head in a favorable ergonomic position that prevents neck and back injury.

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