Codycoverspreads: Betting With the Best

With the growing popularity of the sports betting industry, consulting businesses that give out betting tutorials, courses, and general advice are now a dime a dozen. With the influx of aspiring bettors, especially as the continuing COVID-19 pandemic has left people desperate for alternative sources of revenue, this parallel industry has grown full of businesses of dubious quality and legitimacy. Sports consulting scams are not unheard of, with examples ranging from those who simply overstate their effectiveness through overzealous false advertising to those who outright disappear after freeing clients of their money.

Even disregarding such unscrupulous businesses, the exact quality of service is extremely important for such a venture. After all, for those with little personal insight, experience, or ability regarding sports betting, the choice of which sports betting consultant to follow could be the deciding factor in whether they sink or swim in the industry. Simultaneously, even more, experienced bettors have much to gain from the insight of those who are professionally immersed in the industry. At the very least, utilizing such services would free up much of the time they would otherwise be dedicating to ensuring that every bet is the best decision they could make with the information they have on hand. In this manner, they pay for not only the effort of research and analysis, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have made the best betting decision they could reasonably make.

Ask any of Cody Vaujin’s long-term clients, and they would eagerly endorse him as anyone’s best bet for sports betting consulting services. Despite his relatively young age, at just 22 years old, Cody has made a name for himself within only four years in the industry through one of the best and most consistent betting accuracy rates and his unique and proven bankroll management. Many of Cody’s over 50,000 clients, in fact, consider him as one of the greatest of all time in the sports betting world.

Cody’s foray into sports betting soared when he was just an 18-year-old joining a sports handicapping contest, competing with over 100 of the biggest names in the industry. Against all odds, Cody managed to take first place with the most units profited. The six months that followed would be some of the most profitable days of Cody’s early life, in which he managed to transform his $5,000 initial bankroll into a profit of $4 million in Las Vegas.

This success, however, came at a price for Cody. After his six high-rolling months, Cody’s success found him banned from most of The Strip’s casinos. Never one to quit, Cody let this setback fuel him to greater heights. Cody would soon make up for the opportunities he lost through the popularity and reputation he accrued while hustling in the City of Dreams. This was how Cody initially started Codycoverspreads, a sports consulting business fueled by his desire to help other aspiring bettors “beat the house” and achieve their financial freedom.

To this day, this motivation pushes Cody to strive to give the best possible bets for his clients and ensure that they achieve sustainable financial success with their betting endeavors. He has managed to obtain a consistent 77% betting accuracy rate for his clients through his efforts. Beyond statistics, Cody uses his personally-proven bankroll management to look out for the financial well-being of his tens of thousands of clients.

Cody is one of the best in the business not only because of his talent for sports betting, but more so because of his unique entrepreneurial mentality and genuine care for his clients. Despite his soaring success, Cody has had to resort to limiting the number of clients he takes on in order to maintain his quality of work and maximize the profits of each and every client.

You can learn more about Cody and his work through his Instagram, @Codycoverspreads. You may also find out more and sign up by visiting his website.

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