A Recognised Name in the Fashion & Modeling Industry ‘Loverboyakin’ is must to follow on Social Media

Out of the many success stories that we keep hearing about people across industries, some success stories go ahead in instilling more hope and positivity in us. Loverboyakin’s success story stands tall amongst these, ensuring it inspires more people out there to take their first step towards doing what they truly love and be their best versions. The Canadian charm has now become a prominent name in the industry for being an internationally published model who is also featured on several publications as well. Today, he has founded his own clothing brand, namely ‘Oddmindsworldwide’.

Loverboyakin’s sharp features, his killer physique and his unique vibe mixed with his passion has allowed him to raise the bar for many other budding models across the world. His passion, combined with his creative skills and his magical aura, has led him to the forefront of the modeling industry.

He confesses when he was young, he had realized that modeling was all he wanted to do, but lacked the right guidance or support from people.

The ace model of prominent publications of the world says that many think that modeling is easy, but in reality, it is all about the hard work in the industry and a strong mental attitude. Loverboyakin says that aspiring models must learn to accept challenges and failures on their path because of the growing competition. However, with the right mindset, positivity and most importantly, passion, they can go ahead in creating their success stories as models, he asserts.

What he loves about modeling is that it gives him the space for creativity and creating magic in every photo shoot, especially with photographers who are equally passionate and share the same drive. However, there is more than what meets the eye in the case of this brilliant model.

Moreover, this astute realtor and a passionate model loves to enjoy his life to the fullest and advises the same to others to do what they truly love.

Do follow him on Instagram @loverboyakin to know more and @loverboyakin on twitter.


Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro the best Fitness trainer of Dubai you must follow in 2021

There’s always a place on the list of celebrity personal trainers, thanks to the ever-growing world of social media and also the growing popularity of the fitness industry in recent times. 

We thought it would be a great idea to come up with one of the best fitness trainers who provide perfect training programs to celebrities and sportspeople.  Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro, a popular fitness trainer of Dubai, is gaining massive name worldwide due to his fitness programs online and offline. You will surely get inspired by his growth when he came to Dubai; a thin boy’s journey of becoming a world-class fitness coach of Dubai. 

Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro was born in India. He was one of the thinnest kids of the family. In the starting phase of his life, he was not sure what to do in life, but slowly he felt like he was born to make it big in the fitness industry. From thin boy to muscular bodybuilder, his journey has been a roller coaster ride. He has won many prestigious awards in the past, and now he aims to help other bodybuilders do the same. 

For him, Gym has become his life and second home. In the last one year, he is inspiring others to workout from home and remain fit in this tough Corona time. His online fitness programs are followed by top celebrities around and also many big names from various fields. 

It wasn’t long before he was running out regularly, as he was motivated by other people growing into great shape and prepared to have a physique that he could be proud of. 

He now boasts many followers on Instagram and other social media platforms which classes him as one of the top celebrity personal trainers in Dubai and also best Fitness trainer for Sportspeople and athletes.


Young Artist Kevin Gani on the Future of Music Industry in the Pandemic

The Pandemic has brought the whole world to still. With millions of lives lost, the COVID 19 pandemic can very rightly be considered one of the toughest times in the history of humankind. There is not a single soul or field of work which isn’t affected by the harshness of the pandemic.

The same happened with the music industry. With cancelled live shows and many other live events, things were really tough for most of the young artists of the industry. However, technology emerged as the saviour in these tough times. Today, we have a young and talented musician Kevin Gani with us, who talks us through the ways of learning and enduring during the pandemic for the young artists.

Firstly, Kevin lays focus on the skills of adaptability in the new artists. He says that “the pandemic saw many musicians adapting and changing how they connect with their fans. Many artists utilised streaming platforms to showcase their live performances to fans across the globe.”

Kevin argues on the importance of diversity for the young artists. He says – ‘“the more they can do, the more valuable they are to the industry overall. The more services that you offer, the more in demand you are.”

He also adds on the importance of free services such as Google and YouTube to learn new skills. “Google and YouTube are free to use, and it’s relatively easy to find tutorials on how to play certain instruments,” he says.

Hailing from Botswana, Kevin Gani has travelled throughout the world during his young years, and it truly reflects on his music. Kevin has not only earned his name as a music artist, but as a producer too. His latest single, Lil Baby X Gunna Type Beat – “Jin Sei”is the greatest example of his prowess and is considered as one of the hottest tracks of the year.


FMSCI National Drag Racing Champion Hemanth Muddappa sets a benchmark as he breaks his record!

We have lately witnessed motorsports gaining tremendous recognition in India. It is one of those games in the sporting category that is getting fanfare from all over the country. When we talk about motorbike racing, one name that goes synonymous with is Hemanth Muddappa. Known for his impeccable skills as a racer, Hemanth in his extraordinary career has won several laurels.

The Coorgi-based drag racer is a proud title holder of many national championships in the country. Competing with himself and running in a league of his own, he has broken yet another record in National Drag Racing which was previously set by him. In the second round of the MMSC FMSCI National Drag Racing Championship, the racer rode a green #93 BMW S1000RR which he clocked in an astonishing time of 7.914 seconds.

With this feat, Hemanth broke his record of 2019. Enlightened about his victory in the second round, the racer could not contain his excitement. He said, “The feeling is surreal which cannot be described in words. It is much more overwhelming to know that I broke a record set by me. I feel happy that I am progressing and have improved my calibre as a rider.” Hemanth further stated that to achieve this record of 7.9 seconds, it took him years of training and practice.

So far, he has earned more than seven titles and Muddappa continues to add more laurels in his feathered cap. “I believe in giving my best because I never love to be in the second spot. If you see, nobody remembers the second position as the titleholder takes away all the glory”, he added. Hemanth’s perseverance and dedication have made him a numero-uno in this field. Moreover, he aims to break more records set by him in the past.

Apart from being the biggest name in the Indian drag racing scene, Hemanth Muddappa is also succeeding in other ventures. Chasing his entrepreneurial spirit, he owns a brand of his own named 1Up Nutrition, a health and supplement brand catering to sports personalities and athletes. Through this brand, he is ensuring to promote health and fitness on a pan India level.


Derek Cavan’s swift rise to the top in the real estate industry garners headlines

Squared Realty” is his brainchild, which has astounded people in the US with its incredible real estate services.

The constant boom and growth certain industries have shown, especially in the past few years, have turned the heads of people across the world, and rightfully so because several entrepreneurs and experts have put in every possible effort to take their industries to the highest of the highs at a global level, contributing heavily to its growth. Pushing forward the growth of the real estate industry across the US is one such self-driven and self-made success story named Derek Cavan, the man behind “Squared Realty,” making sure to take people nearer their home ownership dreams.

There is a reason why Derek Cavan is considered as one of the most trusted and renowned names in the real estate markets. He always made sure to not just make the most of the opportunities but also create newer ones for him and his company to flourish and create waves in the industry by offering the best buying and selling experiences for clients across the US from Florida to Nevada. The journey wasn’t a cakewalk for him, but it was all worth it, he highlights. From starting everything in 2004 to now taking the commercial and residential real estate industry to exponential growth levels, Derek Cavan has come a long way and now leaves no stone unturned to bring about a wave of great change in the industry with his real estate expertise and 20 long years of experience.

In 2004, Derek Cavan began by helping sellers and buyers with business and residential brokerage transactions while also specializing in selling liquor licenses. In 2007, he started Cavan Real Estate Co. after attaining his broker license. The company is today well-known as The Cavan Group, catering to clients across Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties.

In 2018, Derek Cavan had moved with his family to Las Vegas, and it was here that he launched Squared Realty, with the aim to elevate clients’ experiences by providing first-class customer service in the real estate industry. They have become specialized in helping people buy and sell homes, acquire business opportunities like nightclubs, bars, lounges, and restaurants and purchase investment properties like condos, shopping plazas, single-family homes, and vacant land, etc.

Derek Cavan with Squared Realty is a highly regarded real estate personality in the industry, and now we know why.


DJ Cassie and Her Tool Belt for Success in the Music Industry

Any new artist starting out seems to need an immense set of tools in order to succeed in the music industry. Typically, these tools include money, connections, and a structured plan in order to make constant progress. Hanna, also known as DJ Cassie, has all of these things and is more than ready to make his mark.

DJ Cassie grew up in Belarus, which is the one of the best location for entertainment business. Understanding the demand for this, DJ Cassie started presenting in many events as well. Not knowing she would utilize her own services someday, she tirelessly built a system that is now implementing for her own success.

Now with her own music out on all platforms, she has built capital and connections from the past that she plans to pour into her music soon.

While most artists struggle with answers on how to get going, DJ Cassie is a seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry. With these attributes, she will have no problem getting her name out to the masses.  


Entrepreneur Saif Alali continues his journey to success

Saif Alali, as an entrepreneur, actor and film producer who has a true passion for understanding his clients’ opinions.

Saif Alali is an Emirati entrepreneur, actor and film producer currently based in Dubai. He’s also one of the partners of brand ‘Oporto Couture’, a clothing brand founded by Daniel Oporto.

Moreover, he is one of the youngest Middle Eastern producers having recently wrapped two European feature films now in post-production. He has a series of productions in development ranging from medium budget action & adventure feature films along with two high budget features, with working titles ‘Ali & Baba 40 Thieves’ and the ‘Late’.

“Just be stubborn, and never listen to what anyone say! Don’t share your goals & dreams with small minded people, and do whatever makes you happy. Try to work on yourself, talent isn’t enough, anything worth doing takes time. And always smile no matter how the life treats you. The journey to success is very long and it’s a painful way, but don’t worry! You will get tough on your way to the top.” – Saif Alali

Saif is smart and knows exactly what he wants, he reinvests his earnings back into his productions and comes up with bigger and better ideas each time.

You can connect with Saif via Instagram


A bird’s-eye view of farm fires in Haryana, Punjab since 2016

Farm fires remain as spread out as before in Punjab and Haryana, but with a gradual reduction in numbers over the last five years, barring 2020, data show.

Satellites detected nearly one lakh fire counts in 2016 in October and November, more than 40 per cent than 2015.

From then on, the counts came down every year till 2020. The number of farm fires last year was 20 per cent lower than 2016, but 60 per cent higher than 2019.


The year 2017 recorded a big drop of 32 per cent in stubble burning across Haryana and Punjab, followed by 24 per cent reduction in 2019, an analysis by India Today’s Data Intelligence Unit shows.

That said, stubble-burning events are extensively spread in Haryana and Punjab despite the announcement of Rs. 2,500 an acre bonus for small and marginal farms rejecting the practice. Additionally, Punjab offers incentives to industries for buying stubble.

According to data obtained from NASA satellites, the peak has been recorded in the month of November, especially its first week, for at least the last six years.

The number of stubble burning cases in the first week of November 2016 alone stood at at 34,910, which was almost 77 per cent higher than the previous year. But the counts declined by 60 per cent in the same period of 2017.

However, the stubble-burning number changes every alternate year in the peak period of November, the DIU analysis revealed. In 2020, for instance, fire counts spurt by 60 per cent in the first week of November. In 2021 though, the cases dropped by nearly two per cent compared to the year ago.



Considering the number of farm fires in the first week of November, the year 2021 so far ranked third with 27,941 stubble burning events after 2016 and 2020.

If the declining trend holds firm, the two states may end up with fewer cases of farm fires in October-November this year.

Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh follow this practice to clear the fields for sowing winter crops from the last week of September to November.

There is brief window of two to three weeks between harvesting paddy and sowing the next crop.

The burning of residue depends on weather and other factors. The phenomenon in a particular period can, therefore, be recorded better through a comparison of total fire events during October and November than through day-to-day incidents.

According to reliable estimates, Punjab alone produces around 200 lakh tonnes paddy stubble. Haryana produces around 70 lakh tonnes of paddy residue every year.

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Adnan Zafar @ken_doll_dubaiii that one name heard all over social media for the best looks and creative contents

Adnan Zafar was born in Pakistan on 3rd January in the year 1989 and brought up at Faisalabad. Adnan has always been interested in Beauty treatments and fashion trends which have always been in trend but today more and more people have become conscious about their looks. With the boom in entertainment industry, and more competition in modeling as well as fashion field, the demand for good looks has come up like never before.

Known of the brands ever have been disappointed with his collaboration he brings the life to events , bring magic to the Brand and great income to any of the business he collab with Adnan Zafar have been always great support to so many brands out in the international market , he is one of famous ambassador for the Swati Lenses brands the owner her self said “ your eyes brought the true beauty out of my brand”

He’s the very first Pakistani male to work with multiple international beauty brands like Foreo, Bioderma, IS clinical, Nars, Makeup52, Izil, and Nuxe.

His hard work has paid him off as he dreams to get the Nobel Peace Medal From Pakistan. Adnan strongly believes in positivity and helping people. “My positivity my charisma is my biggest strength my kindness melts the hearts” says Adnan Zafar
His weakness is that he gains trust on people easily. Though Adnan Zafar has experienced Struggles in his life but has never given up has worked hard in order to gain success and happiness in life. His message to public includes Be yourself and make the world accept you for who you are.

It has absolutely not been easy for him to reach at this level of success He has definitely managed to put all his time and effort’s in his work to achieve a successful position of where he is today. We wish this multitasking artist a future that he has always been dreaming of.


Ready to revolutionize the financial industry in the Middle East is Tax Tech Tax Consultancy (TXTK)

For helping business owners and SMEs, it will provide industry-best digital tax solutions.

Isn’t it wondrous to learn about companies that have been created with the genuine intent to not just take over their respective fields, but most importantly, to bring about massive developments? There is no dearth of such brands and businesses in the world, but a few of them have totally stunned people with their extensive services and solutions built with the aim to bring about revolutionary changes in their respective industries. Doing exactly that and much more in the vast financial world is Tax Tech Tax Consultancy (TXTK), a financial firm soon to be launched in the Middle East, the UAE. It has been created with the aim to simplify tax-related things for business owners and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The right technology makes everything effective and efficient is what the team behind Tax Tech Tax Consultancy believes in. Hence, it will work towards making everything convenient for these businesses when it comes to taxation. It is the digital tax solution that companies have been looking for, for years. Business owners can apply for a new tax identification number in just three simple steps with their unique platform. It requires tax number amendment, cancels tax registration numbers and helps in reducing tax penalty through the TXTK tax platform.

TXTK’s tax professionals have the expertise and skills to help SMEs using advanced tax technologies at any stage in acquiring digital tax solutions. Tax Tech Tax Consultancy will help business owners keep tax records, generate account ledger, reduce tax compliance risk, create tax credit notes and tax invoice as requested by the Federal Tax Authority.

Apart from the services mentioned above, TXTK aims to help their clients by making them understand the financial position of their company and also provide individual tax consultant for professional tax advice and customized tax solutions for their businesses.

Tax Tech Tax Consultancy is seen as an unparalleled company and a platform that is built on the genuine intention to make everything convenient for businesses, first across the Middle East and then across the world.