Demi Moore Says She And Former Husband Ashton Kutcher

Popular American actress tells hers own story in her own words in the memoir Inside Out. Surprisingly she has revealed a lot of important details of her past relationships. This is an emotionally charged memoir which gives you juicy details of her life. She mentions about all her high-profile relationships.

Inside Out memoir is a true reflection of all her struggles in her life. She has been courageous enough to open up about her personal and professional life. She has portrayed her journey from being an ordinary woman to an iconic figure.

Demi Moore writes about her confusing childhood, scrutinized and traumatic marriages to Bruce Wills and Ashton Kutcher. Demi Moore met Ashton Kutcher in 2003 in NY at a mutual friend’s dinner party. It did not take much time for them to “ click”. Despite the age difference, they fell for each other. He was 25 and Demi Mor was 40. The couple had a strong bond. Demi More truly loved his man. However, after 6 years of marriage, the couple split up. They had a lot of ups and downs in their marriage which they were able to cope well. Splitting up was a shock for Demi More. Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore. She could not forgive him for bringing a third person in their marriage. In 2011 Demi More and Ashton Kutcher went on their separate ways. Demi Moore reveals in the memoir that she has moved on but she is not on talking terms with Ashton Kutcher. She cannot bring herself to talk to the man who cheated her. She does not have a friendly relationship with Bruce Wills but she is on talking terms with him. But with Ashton Kutcher, she is not. She reveals that they don’t hang out anymore.

Demi Moore writes in the memoir that she has been dealing with body image, drug addiction and relationship problems throughout her life. Because of all this, she has been attracting a lot of negative attention from the media. Her purpose of writing this memoir was to let the people know her true side. She wants to break all the negativity attached to her name and have a positive public image.

Who does not know Demi Moore? We all do. However, we don’t know what is inside her. This memoir tells you a lot about Demi Moore. If you are a true fan of Demi Moore or you want to know what’s in her heart and how she feels about everything in life, you’d find everything about her in this memoir.

After years of negative public images, setbacks, and relationship issues Demi Moore takes down her guard to tell the world her side of the story. What affect did all the negativity have on her, how she felt, what times were tough for her.

Breaking up with Ashton Kutcher really broke her heart. She does not talk to the guy anymore. She has revealed a lot about her relationship with the actor in her memoir. Ashton Kutcher wrote on twitter that he has a lot to say but he is only quiet because of his wife and children.

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