Destiny 2 Gamers Can Now Access The Final Shape DLC Early Thanks to a Sony Leak

Although the much awaited Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion from Bungie isn’t supposed to release until June 4th, some gamers have already had access to the game this morning. Photographs and videos of gameplay from The Final Shape, which was available through Sony’s PS5 cloud streaming service, have been shared by posters on Reddit and in Discord servers.

Destiny 2 gamers have been able to discuss details on future raid gear, seasonal content, The Final Shape campaign and missions, and even cutscenes because the full DLC was playable for at least five hours. YouTube videos have also surfaced, giving viewers a sneak peek at new equipment and weaponry that will be accessible the following week.

The DLC “was accidentally pushed live on PS5’s streaming service,” enabling a “small group of players” to see the campaign, collections, and reward details for The Final Shape, according to a post Bungie made today to X, confirming the leak.

Players of Destiny 2 are urged by Bungie to report leaks rather than divulge spoilers. The Destiny 2 team states, “We are excited for everyone to experience the full release on June 4 together, but it’s always extremely difficult when our team’s hard work is leaked early.”

With The Final Shape poised to wrap out the game’s epic tale of light and darkness—which has lasted for almost ten years—it may prove to be the most significant expansion for Destiny 2. Players of Destiny 2 will engage in combat with The Witness, the chief enemy of the game’s light and dark storyline, who is in charge of the Black Fleet, an armada of pyramid-shaped ships.

A new Prismatic Subclass that combines the forces of Light and Darkness will also be available to players through The Final Shape, enabling them to combine specific class abilities from various damage kinds. Prismatic appears poised to upset Destiny 2 in a positive way.

Although the incorrect early access has already been fixed by Sony and Bungie, the harm has already been done. Only a few days before The Final Shape is set to premiere officially, Bungie is dealing with a tragic leak. It will be practically hard for fans to avoid spoilers as games and forum postings containing gameplay are starting to surface ahead of Tuesday’s premiere of The Final Shape on X, Reddit, and Discord servers.

Even with early GTA 6 footage and Insomniac Games internal docs and gameplay taken, it’s still uncommon to be able to play a game early due to unintentional server access.

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