Differences of music styles from Javad Safaee language

What makes you sing a song, pop a song, rap a song, rap a song

Each style has its own rules and regulations, that music is divided into several categories due to differences in tastes, ideas and types of culture of people in different regions, all these things go hand in hand to turn music into several styles and branches and Also, with the passage of time and the emergence of new devices in the sound and music industry, new styles have emerged… And only in very small cases are there differences that if you do not have a good ear and knowledge, you may confuse these two styles. But in general, the difference between the two types of music is in the following:

1. The subject of music and poetry is the first difference in song poetry, and in my opinion, and citing many stylistic books, the first reason for the difference in music styles in poetry is work, for example, simple and protest poems that are mixed with expression. They are accompanied by violence, they are suitable for rock style, and basically, because the poem is violent, it makes us use hard and high-pitched bass instruments.

۲. Melody type, suppose you never perform a rock protest poem on a simple and light melody and it determines the melody poem type or vice versa, sometimes dear and professional friends write the melody first and then say the poem, which makes no difference. And in general, we have to make a poem and a melody first and then adjust it !!!!!!!!!!! The important point here is that poetry and melody have a direct relationship and must be chosen to suit each other, and it is not possible, for example, to perform rap lyrics with a pop melody!

Javad Safaee, a famous Iranian musician and singer, who has surprised the Iranian music world with 9 magnificent works, was born in Tehran. He has been interested in Iranian music since he was a child and in 13 years he made his first independent music. he is doing it. Entered, he has always tried to be in the best position of Iranian music, he managed to become famous with the antidote music of the market at the age of 15, he likes hip hop style very much and has a lot of music in this regard.

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