Efficient Call Routing Strategies: How To Optimize Communication Channels For Business Success

A contact center for a business usually has multiple incoming call lines. ADNIS,or dialed number identification service, helps identify which number was dialed for each incoming call. Once this data is obtained, the IVR, or interactive voice response system, can be used effectively. Usually, the DNIS system uses the incoming call information to send data to an IVR for further use, like routing a call.

Call routing is the process of connecting or routing an incoming call to a scheduled person or department. Effective call routing services have several advantages for corporate houses, some of which are discussed here.

How To Use Call Routing Services To Your Advantage

Call Routing Should Be Based on Skills

Skill-based call routing, in simple terms, means that the call is targeted to the most suitable person to perform the task. For instance, a courier company receives multiple calls in a day. However, not every employee is equally competent to deal with mail dispatch or tracking services. So if a customer has an issue that is related to tracking packages, the right person will give the most pertinent answers.

When the end user gets the most pertinent information, it drastically reduces call drop rates. It helps improve customer satisfaction as well as reduce call waiting times.

Routing Must Be Based on Database Integration

Every company has a ton of scattered data about customers’ preferences (language, time of calling, etc.). However, more often than not, the entire database of the company is not integrated for optimum utilization of the routing services. Hence, people often must wait several minutes before getting useful and relevant information. However, integrating databases is not very difficult and can result in remarkable gains in terms of customer retention.

Call Routing Must Be Integrated With Long Term Business Goals

For every call routing strategy, the ultimate aim is to maximize business prospects. So you must attune your routing strategy so that your most valuable client gets the best treatment. For instance, if you have an important client and you want him to have the shortest call waiting times, you must use the routing strategy effectively. Likewise, if you want a particular group of clients to speak to a particular person every time they call, the routing strategy must be optimized.

Route The Call To The Most Idle Person

One efficient way to route calls is to channel them to the person who is the most unoccupied. The person who has been waiting the longest to receive a call is most likely to answer immediately.


If a business can use the call routing strategy and DNIS system optimally, they are sure to see results in terms of profits and goodwill. Effective call routing and usage of theDNIS system improves work balance, increases employee productivity, etc.

It also resolves customer grievances faster and improves their overall experience during the call. Thus, the right routing strategies can benefit both the customer and the business, ultimately leading to business growth and long-term success.

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