Exclusive interview with Majid Kalhori, a famous Iranian futsal player

Please tell us a little about yourself?

Majid kalhori was born on May 7/ 1985    in south part of Tehran in SHahr Rey region.

Why did you choose the futsal sport?

Where I lived, was origin of Iran futsal, and was the hometown of great and well-known national Iranian futsal players for example: late Kazem Mohammadi , Mohammad Keshavarz ,Mustafa Nazari and etc. This neighborhood and atmosphere made a significant motivation for me to get into the futsal.

If you didn’t choose the sport of futsal, what sport would you like to go for?

Definitely, I would like to choose wrestling because I have famous friends in this sport such as Hamid Sorian and Alireza Dabir . This friendship has made mood and atmosphere of wrestling in my flesh and mind.

What are you currently doing and what is your business about?

At the moment, I am following my individual exercises to get my ideal physical condition to get ready for European champions league. In terms of business in Antalya- Turkey, I own a sports academy called Majid T R.

Do you think Iran futsal has a special place in the world position?

Surly, because either talent aspect and national ranking we stand as one of the top country in the world, and we have always been able to dictate our futsal to other countries.  

Tell us some of your long term goals?

Right now, I have offers of cooperation from the predominant European teams, Ukraine and Slovakia, which I will join one of the teams for attending in the champions league. And so after this matches, I have been offered a collaboration with one of the most popular Qatari teams to participate in this futsal league.

Final talk

At last, I am eager to thank all  coaches who have worked hard for me so far that if I want to name, they will miss, but is necessary to mention two of my primary coaches that I owe them my progress named; MR. Mehdi Qoomi and Seyed ahmad Taghavi. Also, I am very grateful to you and your colleagues for your time and considerations.

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