Where to start for singing !? Speeches of Farhad Forootani, a popular Iranian singer

 Due to the lack of principles and framework to enter the field of singing, if you ask anyone who is with you right now, what should you do to sing?  I work, he says go to singing class and you go to singing class and you tell yourself that this training course is over, now I can sing x and y at the level of Mr. or Mrs. and enjoy the objects!

 In that class, you will learn valuable material that is useful to you (of course, if the class you went to is related to the style you want to work in, because most of our country’s singing classes teach authentic traditional singing)

  Some people go to a salfage class to improve their music knowledge and strengthen their musical ear and intelligence.

 Inside these classes, you will learn valuable material that is useful for your reading, but none of this will be useful to you until you have a capable voice.

 The rows and intervals and notes that you learned in these classes are of no use to you until you are able to play the notes of those steps and rows.

 Like this, buy a car that does not have an engine.

 On the other hand, we do not need the knowledge of reading and writing to speak, but in order to improve the way we speak, we definitely need the knowledge of reading and writing.

 We do not need music science to sing, but in order to perform more beautifully, we definitely need music science.

 The things that may happen to those loved ones who go through this course before making a sound are that because they perform without awareness and without mastering their voice:

 They have a sore throat;

 Their voices are heard;

 Their throats become itchy and burning;

 Because their performances are accompanied by pressure and tension, they cause serious damage to the vocal cords.

 Like this monkey will tell you to drive less so that your car engine does not break down;  This is the worst kind of attitude towards singing and there is no need for these irrational avoidances.

 Just remove enough pressure and tension from the vocal cords and take control of your own voice.  Sound making works exactly with your sound production system so that you can control all the areas of your voice and easily perform your speech without pushing, pulling and damaging the vocal cords.

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