Expand Your Options With OptionsSwing Inc

The financial difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic have caused widespread unemployment due to layoffs, pay cuts, and reductions in revenues for even the most prominent businesses. In such a situation, many have struggled to find supplemental or even alternative sources of income. In this context, the popularity of trading and investment in various financial markets, as well as various online entrepreneurial ventures, have risen dramatically, with an influx of new players entering these markets throughout 2020.

The ideal characteristic of trading and investment is that the market allows for an infinitely wide variety of ways with which one can participate based on their needs, their preferences, and the risks they are willing to take. For example, those who continue to have stable jobs or other sources of income can simply venture into long-term investment strategies like dividend investing and real estate to grow their existing wealth and diversify their possible sources of income. On the other hand, those who have the time and talent to commit fully to trading can find themselves earning lucrative profits as a dedicated day trader.

However, the rise in the popularity of such ventures has been accompanied by an equally sharp increase in the amount and quality of competition. Traders must now contend with both new and veteran players, the latter of which have years of experience. Simultaneously, the market has become saturated with guides and teaching tools that supposedly aim to make trading easier or are supposedly “surefire” for aspiring traders. While such services are undeniably useful, the problem lies in the fact that, in a highly unregulated industry, many of such businesses and claims are exaggerations or scams.

Former trader and Fortune 500 company employee Jason Lee saw this prevailing problem as an opportunity to provide aspiring traders with a service that could provide variety and quality matched with complete honesty and integrity. Finding his start in advising his personal circle, Jason would eventually go on to establish OptionsSwing Inc., a membership subscription trading tutorial service, in August 2019.

The company’s name comes from its specialization—that of options trading and swing trading—and shows the variety with which the company offers services depending on a client’s specific needs. Its three main products are a monthly membership, a yearly membership, and comprehensive video course packs, each of which are fit for clients with different preferences and schedules. Aside from these, subscriptions also come with access to various channels, automation tools, and other resources with which their over 2,000 members can interact with the community and take their trading to the next level.

With a motto of, “Education first, profit second,” OptionsSwing shows its prioritization of quality and integrity in its company values. In contrast to many of its competitors, who promise unrealistic returns and doubtful credentials, the company’s mentoring focuses on giving the customers the abilities and mindset to take responsibility for their own trading performances. In a similar manner, members are encouraged to ask questions, analyze, learn, and trade together in a safe and encouraging environment, while the company’s trading is shown in a real-time and fully-transparent manner every weekday to teach its members through example.

With its business model built on variety and integrity, OptionsSwing continues to grow rapidly in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the company has grown to have 15 employees, many of whom are full-time, as well over 160,000 followers on Instagram, hundreds of five-star reviews on Facebook, Google, and TrustPilot, and over 2,000 subscribed members. With this, the company has recently reached over $1 million in recurring revenue, with its exemplary performance throughout 2020 manifesting in exponential month-on-month growth. Jason recommends a similar strategy based on digital subscriptions, technological investments, and a trusted and well-managed team as the winning formula for similar businesses amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

With its wide variety of trading tutorials and an approach based on integrity and honesty, OptionsSwing promises to allow customers of all ages and backgrounds to take charge of their own financial independence. To learn more about OptionsSwing Inc. and their services, you can visit their website or follow them on their Instagram, @optionsswing.

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