Familiarity with postmodern architecture, from Helia Rad’s point of view

Postmodern architecture

This style of architecture brings refinement and decoration to designs, often using completely heterogeneous arrays and glittering colors. In this style of architecture, instead of using utilitarian concepts such as those in classical architecture, it has tried to use details, contradictory scales, symbols that are purely beautiful, arbitrary geometric relationships, and irony and ambiguities in design.

 The roots of postmodern architecture

Many of the greats of the architectural world believe that postmodern architecture was born in the 1960s and was in fact a reaction to the flaws in modern architecture. Defects such as very strict teachings, monotony, the habit of ignoring the culture and civilization of the region. Venturi was the first to expand the movement in his books and make it more formal

 Postmodernism Architecture

The postmodern style of architecture is a style in architecture that is followed by many words and sayings. This style of architecture transformed all the dimensions and aspects in which the modern style was inflexible and dry, and all of these things changed into very flexible and, of course, more beautiful aspects. Many also believe that this style of architecture brings with it aspects of humor. In the style of postmodern architecture, there is sometimes an escape from the style of classical architecture, which, of course, has undergone many changes.

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