Fire Watch Guards Can Save The Day!

Fire insurance coverage is highly recommended in any business. In the industry of construction or high-rise buildings, there is a potential for fire to break out. This is in consideration of the materials in use, including the number of employees or staff that is currently working in the area. If your company deals with highly flammable materials, extra precautions are definitely required. Even if state laws may vary from one to another, protecting the business or property against fire should be the top priority.

If you’ve never heard of it, there is a kind of security guard that specializes in the prevention and handling of fire situations. They are called fire watch guards – highly trained and skilled security guards that focus on dealing with fire. This security personnel does not only provide assurance and peace of mind to those who hire them, but they can save lives as well.

Wondering just how fire watch guards can save the day? Here are some of their duties and responsibilities.

– The moment your fire protection or alarm system is faulty or being repaired, the state may require you to hire fire watch guards. They are the next best option being the professionals when it comes to fire prevention. Some of these security guards may even have a background or experience in this kind of system, equipment, or supplies. They may also provide a quick resolution or provide the best alternative options in this kind of situation.

– Depending on the service acquired from the security guard agency, fire watch guards can provide continuous 24-hour surveillance. This may involve staff rotation and walk-through in every shift to ensure safety against fire in any situation.

– In case a fire has already occurred in the property or business establishment, documentation or log written by a fire watch guard can help in easier claims with insurance companies. For situations that company owners or managers would like to review these logs, the guards can also provide it even to authorities.

– Though these fire watch guards are usually hired to overlook faulty fire alarm and protection systems, they can also inspect them even they are functioning well. This includes a random check for fire blankets, extinguishers, and other related items to see if they will work when needed. In addition, they may check for the signages and escape plans.

– In case of fire, most people would panic or try to save themselves before anything else. Fire watch guards can guide the people for the proper exits or escape plans. Since everything could be in chaos, they have the task of alerting the fire department in the event that the fire is already starting. If the manager or the property owner is not in the area, they can also give them an immediate alert.

These are just a few of the duties and responsibilities of a fire watch guard. As they are skilled and experienced enough to handle this kind of situation, they provide an assurance that everything will be okay even fire will happen. It is a fact that a business or property is a valuable asset, saving lives against fire is the topmost priority.

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