From Music to social Media : Pivoting careers with Kris Lal

2014 was a great year for Curatorsocial CEO and Founder Kris Lal, his musical collaborations with Grammy award winning artist Tboz of TLC hit the top of the Australasian charts, with an international tow in tour for his EP release, a pivot in career launched a new dream…that of being a digital entrepreneur. We talked with Kris about his career change and what inspired him to do so,

What made you leave a promising musical career to pursue owning your own business?

Music has always been a part of my life and always will be. Working with Chingy (rapper) and TLC, (Tboz) was incredible and I knew I could keep building on that trajectory if I wanted to. I was given the ultimatum to sign the dotted line, go on tour and embark on releasing a solo album, although humbling and lifelong dream, that simply didn’t work for me. I may return to it one day but the pull of owning my own business was an intrinsic calling that I couldn’t ignore, a goal of mine that I kept putting off for when I was much
older. I found myself enjoying the business side of music more than making music at times (which is crazy for most musicians to say) which was another huge sign for me to make the eventual pivot into entrepreneurship, I do miss certain aspects of music however! Music is always in my heart and a big part of who I am today.

What advice do you have for people when pivoting into a completely different career?

My best advice is that you can a) be great at anything you choose to put in work for and b) choose what you love doing and you’ll naturally excel at it. My pull towards social media was a natural progression on what I was spending my spare time researching and learning about, it also allowed me to express my creative side while running a business which was perfect. Although it was a pivot and change, it wasn’t unnatural and this made it easier for me to dive right in and take the reins early on at Curatorsocial. For those thinking of changing up their career, my advice would be don’t be afraid of pivoting and making a change, it could be the greatest change you’ve made in your life! Take calculated risks, and make a plan for success and understand what it looks like for you, anything you can plan you can achieve!.

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