Social media is your selected physician?

Facebook as of late announced it would decline to air commercials that debilitate individuals from being immunized. Facebook senior chiefs Kang-Xing Jin and Rob Leathem clarified their approach is proposed to improve in general inoculation rates. Just all things considered: I completely uphold immunization programs. While we hang tight and trust in a COVID-19 antibody, our reaction has been to smother the spread of the infection through PPE, social disconnection and lockdowns. The official story asserts these activities will spare lives and limit the expense of treating the infection. The…

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From Music to social Media : Pivoting careers with Kris Lal

2014 was a great year for Curatorsocial CEO and Founder Kris Lal, his musical collaborations with Grammy award winning artist Tboz of TLC hit the top of the Australasian charts, with an international tow in tour for his EP release, a pivot in career launched a new dream…that of being a digital entrepreneur. We talked with Kris about his career change and what inspired him to do so, What made you leave a promising musical career to pursue owning your own business? Music has always been a part of my…

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Chris Cunningham Business 

How Chris Cunningham Turned Social Media Into A Thriving Career

Chris Cunningham graduated from Virginia Tech with a double major in Business Management and Global Business. He started his tech career at Cvent, where he became one of their youngest managers and helped them grow as they went public (NYSE). Currently, he’s Vice President of Business Development at Elevator Studio and runs massive influencer marketing campaigns for Dan Blitzerian’s Ignite, LYFT, 1st Phorm, and many more! Chris Cunningham began his tech career at Cvent, where he became one of the youngest managers and helped them grow as they went public…

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Salem Alhajri Business 

Social Media, Photography Outfits and Travel Apparel – With Salem Alhajri

As you are both a traveler and a photographer. You also take photos of yourself to post on Social Media, How important is apparel and outfits are to you given your job? Actually, and it may not come across as a surprise to those who know me, I am a very simple guy with simple outfit tastes; and this shows clearly in my photos as well as travel. I aim at staying simple and comfortable and try to influence others to do the same. What is your favorite outfit for…

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