Gaurav Rana is one of the youngest Social media influencers

The latest trend is Digital marketing and like every other vogue, only a few people with a vision got to make their mark on the spot. One such example is Gaurav Rana, (CEO and Founder of Promo Expertz) from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

Gaurav, a young and Inspiring digital entrepreneur is serving his best to others. Making such progressive strides in the world of Digital marketing is not a cup of tea for everyone but he worked tirelessly to establish his reputation in this Digital world.

Born in a middle class family, Gaurav was always interested in what was happening on social media to learn something new. He continued to reasearch about the trends and evolution of digital market right since his student days.

He started working on Instagram and other social media platforms Business at a very small age. Later on, in college days, he started his Online Social Media Company Named Promo Expertz.

Promo Expertz owned by Gaurav Rana and his brother Ankur Rana provides digital marketing services to various renowned Brands/Social Media Artists, etc. Gaurav has been inludged in many popular social media campaigns for major production Houses and Brands.

According to Gaurav Rana, “Don’t give up on your dream jusy by being afraid of condemnation because people change their opinion as soon as one start achieving his/her goals.”

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