Get to know the famous Iranian musician Reza jozei Ramezani better

The story started when I met an old man who only wanted a wheelchair.

He said that if I had a proper wheelchair, I could go to the yard and relax.

I consulted with the old man’s family and no one answered my call, I decided to buy a wheelchair with the help of people; It took a month to collect 800 thousand Tomans for the purchase.

When I gave the wheelchair to the old man, I saw the happiness in his eyes.

This smile and happiness made me continue on my way and now I have been delivering wheelchairs to needy people in different parts of the country for years.

“It is a great injustice for a person to be imprisoned at home for days because of not having a wheelchair.

A wheelchair for disabled people is his leg.

I feel this more in these corona days when many of us are locked up at home, when we want to leave the house but due to the circumstances we have to stay at home.

I have given wheelchairs to about 3020 children, women and men in different cities.

We presented about 20 electric wheelchairs (at a price of 50 million) to 20 people.

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