Google doodle celebrates the Bangladesh Independence Day 2020

Home to the Sundarbans (the world’s biggest mangrove timberland), just as Cox’s Bazar (the world’s longest stretch of sea shore), the People’s Republic of Bangladesh commends its autonomy today.

A self-ruling republic, the country once in the past known as East Pakistan, became Bangladesh 49 years prior.

The nation at that point embraced the Shapla or water lily, portrayed in the Doodle work of art, as its national token and blossom.

To pay tribute to the nation’s opportunity, the Bangladeshi banner gladly flies on huge numbers of its structures.

Highlighting a red plate against a green setting, the banner of Bangladesh speaks to the sun ascending the country over bounteous verdure and regular magnificence.

Happy Independence Day, Bangladesh!

By Simon Grey

Simon Grey was an iconic writer known for his science-fiction and high fantasy short stories. He was raised in a household in which the exploration of article ideas and fact finding was encouraged. He became one of the most decorated writers in publishing fraternity, winning multiple awards for his excellent writting.