Google introduces its initial AI-driven search ad functionality

With the debut of the first of several Gemini integrations for Google Ads, the tech giant’s new chatbot-style “conversational experience” is now powered by the “most capable” AI model on the platform.

Currently, advertisers in the US and the UK have complete beta access to the conversational experience; over the next several weeks, all English-language advertisers will receive a global roll-out.

In a blog post, Google Ads Vice President and General Manager Shashi Thakur stated: “It [the conversational experience] combines your expertise with Google AI.”

“All you need to start is your website URL and Google AI will help you create optimised search campaigns by generating relevant ad content, including creatives (images, headlines, descriptions) and keywords.” 

Through the tool’s chat feature, advertisers can freely edit or improve the generated material, and they still have complete control over which assets are used in the campaign.

According to Google, this new feature will benefit both small and large companies. While larger agencies may be more likely to use the technology to swiftly deploy and test campaign concepts before releasing them more generally, small businesses find that the conversational experience helps scale creative and produce high-performing campaigns more effectively.

“As search becomes more visual, we’ve heard advertisers tell us that it can be challenging to create compelling images that drive performance. That’s why we designed the conversational experience to suggest images tailored to your campaign using generative AI and images from your landing page,” Thakur continued.

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