Google is Integrating a Few Useful New Add-Ons Into Gmail Directly

In order to enable users to do tasks without ever leaving their inboxes, Gmail is getting some brand-new enterprise tools.

Today, Google said that new Gmail add-ons for a variety of business productivity tools, such as Trello, Asana, DocuSign, Intuit Quickbooks, and Wrike, will be available. You won’t need to leave your inbox to complete any work because the apps are integrated within Gmail natively.

The primary target audience for these add-ons is corporate users who want to assign work to freelancers or other members of their organization; nevertheless, regular users may also find value in the new extensions. The add-ons maintain users inside the Google ecosystem rather than making them switch between apps, offering features that are already present in other G Suite tools like Slides, Forms, Documents, and Sheets.

According to Google, after you’ve added the additional capabilities to your account, they operate automatically in Gmail. Simply click the setting wheel in the upper right corner of the inbox and select “Get add-ons.”

Add-ons aren’t totally new; the feature was first presented in a developer preview earlier this year.

Additionally, developers can write their own Gmail add-on apps, which Google claims only need to be created once to function natively on the web and Android versions of Gmail at this time. Although a representative for Google stated that the G Suite team is collaborating with Apple to bring about iOS capability, Google did not specify when it would be included.

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