Google Pulls Transformation Treatment Application After Pressure From LGBTQ Rights Activists

Google is pulling a gay change treatment application that was prohibited by Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft months back. Notwithstanding pressure from LGBTQ rights groups, Google had wouldn’t restrict the application from Living Hope Ministries, saying it didn’t unmistakably damage its Play Store terms of service.

A Google representative stated: “After consulting with outside advocacy groups, reviewing our policies, and making sure we had a thorough understanding of the app and its relation to conversion therapy, we’ve decided to remove it from the Play Store, consistent with other app stores.”

In excess of 140,000 individuals had marked an online petition approaching Google to boycott the application. A different petition, approaching Apple to reinstate the application, right now has 47 signatures. The boycott came not exactly a day after the Human Rights Campaign suspended Google from the current year’s Corporate Equality Index after it neglected to pull the controversial application.

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