Here are some of the ways to remain Positive in this Pandemic like Entrepreneur Maziar Rajabi

Last two-month life has changed people around the world. All the current news which comes on every platform in every country is about COVID-19. It has been a tough time from the last few months for all and entrepreneurs too are included in this list. It has been tough to find a way in this Pandemic.

Yes, it is deadly, and we should take this seriously, it has affected businesses severely. What can you do to remain positive? Well, Maziar Rajabi, young Kurdish Entrepreneur, knows how to stay positive even in this tough time. He is able to remain positive and use technology for his business to remain up to date, even in Pandemic.

So we felt let’s show how he remains so fresh and up to date in this tough time. Below are the few ways which help you stay fresh even in this Pandemic like Maziar Rajabi.

Stop watching negatives: If you want to remain positive in this tough time, the first thing you should do is stay away from new channels and newspapers or watch with a time limit. Today news channels are behaving like Horror shows so if you don’t like horror movies and want to remain favourable then stop watching the news.

Enjoy pictures and funny videos of the past: Want to remain positive than watch some old photos, family videos, funny videos and movies which will give you a smile on your face.

Try to work on Immune: Eat healthily, do some regular exercise which can help you fight against COVID-19 even if you get infected.

Work from home and use Technology: The best thing you can do as an entrepreneur is to use technology in this tough time. Maziar Rajabi is utilizing his technological skills in this Pandemic with the right effect. You all can do the same to keep an eye on business. Maziar advises to try and come up with business ideas with your connections and oversee friend do something remotely without your physical presence. It could be joint projects or discussions, trading for an example.

Do some good work regularly: Maziar Rajabi says contribute as much as you can for good causes. Help people near you, try to volunteer a team for a good cause. Being an entrepreneur, you must help society in this tough time. Maziar also had managed to trade 10,000,000 pcs medical mask from China to Europe which itself was a huge gain, and says that he would not be able to do this in a normal situation! So always try to find a good angle of this kind of situation. So don’t sit ideally and do something for people out there. Let me tell you by doing this you will feel good from inside.

In short, do things which can help you remain positive and create new methods of earning like Maziar Rajabi is doing as an entrepreneur. Learn new things and see what will work in the market and also how you can do more people and business.

So Be Positive, Be innovative, eat healthily and do some regular exercise and don’t lose hope we will come out of this problem soon.

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