Hooman Pirveysi “ zirobam”, a successful singer and entrepreneur, talks about success

Hooman Zirobom with his real name Hooman Pirveysi, born on September 17, 1990, one of the successful entrepreneurs in Iran, the owner of the music company Zirobom, has mentioned some things in connection with success.

Certainly each of us has a different definition of success. But if we consider the common meaning of success, we must admit that the world of successful people is not always as happy and sweet as it seems from the outside.

Perhaps part of the root of this problem can be found in Dan Gilbert’s explanation of happiness: that our perception of success and the achievement of our goals and aspirations is different from what happens in practice, and that success seems to be a journey that In that dream, reaching the destination is sweeter than the experience of being in the destination city.

Success is the result of effort, but maintaining success still requires more effort. Something we usually forget. Sometimes, trying to stay successful takes so much energy and time that there is no opportunity to enjoy the experience of success.

Success has no stopping point

Maybe you, too, think of a day when you have a big house in your city and two big beach villas in the north and south of the country and maybe a few resorts abroad. Then read a classic wooden chair by the pool or seawater that can be sunbathed while sunbathing.

This dream scene can only be seen in movies. In the real world, failed and bankrupt people are more likely to experience such pleasure in silence and solitude!

Someone on the path to growth and success will probably need a wooden chair, a cell phone, a laptop, and the Internet. He probably can not be more than a few hours away from these devices. His dream is to be able to turn off his cell phone for a week or not take his laptop with him.

You will still find people who say that if they reach the desired level of success, they will not try too hard. They try to enjoy life. They accuse successful and wealthy people around them of greed and believe that their wealth is enough to support their next few generations. But they still can’t stop.

A distinction must be made between this desire to take one step further and perfectionism.

Perfectionism is a kind of undesirable behavior that can be corrected and modified. But dissatisfaction with the status quo is a personality trait that, by eliminating it, we become another person and no longer a former human being.

Doubts never go away

More and bigger success requires bigger #decisions. Bigger decisions mean more difficult choices. That is, setting aside large and valuable options in favor of options that seem larger and more valuable. If success was a prerequisite for choosing between a bad and a good option, everyone was successful. But success is the art of choosing between two options that look equally bad or equally good.

Or choosing the second option between the two options, in a situation where the general public considers the choice of the first option reasonable.

The moment of achieving the goals has an indescribable sweetness. But for us, the taste of this sweetness becomes very simple, simple and normal. That’s where we ask ourselves once again: Did I really want that?

Did I really want to study at this university?

Did I really want to immigrate to this country and start my own business here?

Did I really want an expensive car? Or did I want to strive for a higher social status?

Did I want to be the manager and owner of a big business? Or did I just not want to hear my supervisor nod?

Did I really want to work? Or did I just want to have a more active social presence?

Did I really want fame? Or was I looking for respect?

This list of verses never ends. Usually, on the path to success, we are so caught up in the effort and goal setting that we do not have the opportunity to think about the root of our aspirations. That is, questions of this kind, which must be asked in the first step of the journey, come before our eyes when we reach our destination.

Not everyone is happy with our success

It is unlikely that anyone would expect everyone to be happy with his success. Where such an atmosphere is formed, it is no longer the world and it can be called paradise.

But perhaps the most amazing common experience of successful people is changing the relationship of their friends with them. Those who felt by default should be happy with their success and growth.

We forget that people whose souls and minds have not grown and developed do not enjoy the growth of their friends, but only if they are still a little lower than them.

Many who pray for the wealth of the poor mean that the situation of the poor is a little better than it is. But if they are told that the situation of all the poor will be better than their own due to their prayers, they may reconsider their request!

Of course, the only reason for this behavior is not jealousy or short-sightedness. Sometimes, your greater success can call into question many of my justifications for not growing and not succeeding.

However, it is enough to search among the people who have climbed the ladder of growth and success to see that most of them have a common experience.

Success generally reduces our control over life

What is your weekend schedule?

Someone who has no job or position and is looking for work every day will probably say: he has no plan. It can’t have either. Because he has no money to spend.

Someone with little savings or a typical job position and income may be thinking about a trip, or maybe watching a movie in the movies, or maybe trying out a restaurant, or maybe having a small party.

Someone who is successful in the eyes of others (and by the standard of society) is likely to be more closed-minded.

It does not matter if his success is fame or fortune or power.

Powerful, he can not go anywhere, because there are always people who may threaten him and his power.

A celebrity can not go where he wants, because others will take his personal space from him.

Did we say all this to say that success is bad and should not be pursued? Certainly not.

But it seems that we must be careful that if we pursue success only on the basis of criteria that others know and measure, there will be many dangers and difficulties and bitterness in our path.

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