4 Ways to Become a Successful Business Woman in Fatemeh Sanaei’s Opinion

The first question that usually comes to mind of women who are interested in starting a business is what to do to succeed in a field that is dominated by men?

  1. Believe in Yourself

The key to success in business is believing in yourself, and women are more known as those who underestimate their abilities. To succeed in business, you should believe in yourself more. This is very important because no one will believe in you and your services and products if you first do not believe in yourself. Investors will not work with you if you lack self-confidence, and your employees will not work to their full potential because your spirit and morale will not inspire them to do so.

In fact, no matter how hard you try in your business, you will not achieve positive results without self-belief. So, you must increase your self-confidence and believe that there is something valuable within you that the world wants and it will be.

  • Have a Strong Mission

Why do you want to start a business? This question might seem ordinary, but it is a hidden factor that determines whether you succeed or fail as an entrepreneur. Look at the successful women entrepreneurs in the world, and you will see that they all have a strong reason for entering the world of business, and this reason has become their business mission.

  • Prepare Your Mentality

Business success largely depends on the mindset that has started the business. To become a successful woman entrepreneur, you should have the right mindset. You must prepare your mind to deal with whatever comes your way.

  • Prepare for Failure

Business is a risk, but it is worth the result and the final reward. The most successful women in business are those who do not give up when they fail and continue to pursue their goals. Failures should motivate you to continue trying. Thus, if you are going to be one of the few women who become successful, you must accept that failure is part of the process to become a success.


Mister Lucky’s “Lucky” Formula Unlocked

Mark Lachance, author and entrepreneur, has just released his new book about how to attract more good fortune in your life. The book is called “The Lucky Formula” and it’s both a self-help manual as well as an inspirational read for anyone who wants to be lucky. 

Luck, for some people, is a matter of chance. However luck can be controlled and crafted to your will with the right formula that Mark has found in his latest book “The Lucky Formula“.

In order to become lucky, you need to understand what luck is and how it works; that way you can learn all the skills needed to get lucky. This includes understanding that luck is not always something we control but rather something we work for.  Luck can’t come knocking on our door if we’re not ready for it with open arms; this means cultivating a positive attitude towards life.  It’s time to stop waiting around for luck to come along and start believing in ourselves, because the truth is that success comes from hard work.

Apart from many other businesses under his belt, Mark is currently the top investor and CEO of MaxyMedia. Canada’s Top TikTok advertising agency that has taken over the market with their innovative and intuitive campaigns.  With a Gen Z team that is talented and creative, it is no surprise they have been able to dominate in this field. Alongside dominating TikTok, they also lead Facebook and Twitter Ads too. This company knows how to create compelling content that will get people talking about your business!

Mr. Lachance is an entrepreneur who has been in the field for over 20 years. He has had more than a dozen successful ventures under his belt, including most recently, The Leadership Lab – which provides leadership training to help CEOs grow their companies. What really sets him apart from other entrepreneurs though isn’t just all this success – but rather it stems from one goal: recruiting people who are dedicated enough to learn skills needed for taking on challenges.

And if you’re interested to see the same success and attract more luck in your life, grab a copy of his upcoming book, The Lucky Formula, and learn how you can stack the odds in your favor and cash in on success.

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Tips to be a successful entrepreneur, by Keala Kanae

As CEO and founder of Inspirean, a company that provides many consulting services to help customers to become better leaders of themselves and their businesses through our two-pronged approach focusing on both skillset (marketing, sales, operations) and mindset (leadership, self-mastery), Keala Kanae shares some tips to achieve success in the world of businesses.

This American entrepreneur has been featured in Forbes, Huff Post, Entrepreneur, ABC News, and won more than 7 awards from Clickfunnels including their coveted Centurion Award for doing more than $50M in sales on his way to $100M. All with years of experience in online marketing, sales funnels, and affiliate marketing since his decision to leave behind his past life as an employee of a coffee shop.

Keala launched Inspirean in 2016, which reached over $20M in sales in its first year. The high-paced, rapid growth and scale allowed him to gain a lot of knowledge about business, operations, management, leadership, scaling economics, business finance. This transformed him into a ‘great leader’, as he called himself, and an effective CEO that considers team building and culture building. 

“It’s the reason I can help our clients see fast growth while also seeing the potential pitfalls and obstacles ahead long before they’re a threat to the business and begin planning and/or adjusting accordingly”, said Keala.

For him, compliance with some steps helped him to stay afloat from the onset of the pandemic. One of them is not surrendering to the struggle because for Keala building a business is hard and there will be periods of self-doubt, uncertainty, fear, criticism, loneliness, disbelief, and a whole host of other things that make most people cower. “Leaders don’t have that luxury. Find peace in the struggle”, recommend Keala.

Also, Keala suggests that entrepreneurs have to be prepared for chaos, enhancing and innovating their businesses constantly and forging the character and mind required to achieve big ambitions. “There is no time for being comfortable. Keep your teams growing, improving their processes, increasing their efficiency, mitigating losses. Complacency is the enemy. Invest in your people. One day it will be their turn to invest in you”, explained Keala.

Other tips that these American businessman shares are the learning to see the hidden order in the apparent chaos when the challenges forge a successful entrepreneur with the character and mind required to achieve his big ambition, the learning to interpret and appreciate the data, where a good analysis of a company’s statistics derive to meaningful decisions with measurable outcomes, and the identifying when to get comfortable to do nothing because is important to stop the progress as the situation is unclear.

All these types can be useful for the crisis caused by the pandemic. Keala is a role model of withstanding these times by closing their physical offices and preparing more decentralized work environments and virtual teams since 2018.

Consequently, Inspirean managed to be the only company of its kind that focuses on both skillset and mindset as a dual approach to business growth, professional growth, self-mastery, and leadership.


Reza Jalali talks about Dubai

Dubai, the bride of the Persian Gulf, the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most modern cities globally. This bustling city is located in the south of our beloved country, Iran, and has a beautiful exhibition of the best and most exciting tourist attractions in the Middle East. Of course, the beauty of Dubai has reached not only the locals but also the entire world, and many wealthy foreign tourists choose the Dubai tour for a luxurious and memorable trip. As you know, Iranians go to this lovely city on the shores of the Persian Gulf yearly.

It is good to know that at the beginning, Dubai was just a limited area that due to the discovery of oil resources around it in 1966, the city started to develop economic highly. Today at Dubai International Airport, all flights are direct from main towns worldwide and other countries. Despite the enormous oil resources around Dubai, only 6% of the modern city’s earnings come from crude oil exports, so Dubai’s economy is not dependent on oil resources, and tourism accounts for a large share of earnings generation. The city is responsible for constructing commercial buildings. Dubai hotels also welcome more than one million travelers annually, and the number of tourists peaks on the first days of the New Year in this city.

This stunning city has many amusements and scenic spots, each of which has its unique pleasure, which is why the relatively fledgling tourism industry is the best and most effective source of income in this city, and many interested people and travelers from Iran and other countries, willing to visit the magnificent places, travel to this fantastic city and know that a week stays in the tall and stunning towers with full amenities and the beach scenery may be the dream of every person. The town is very eye-catching and impressive, and the warm climate of Dubai not only does not lower the charm of this area but also counts to the beauty of the city’s beaches. In Dubai restaurants, you can taste delicious dishes such as seafood, Arabic, European, and various dishes.

The Iranian entrepreneur added:

With the discovery of oil in Dubai, oil incomes were used to develop Dubai’s infrastructure, schools, hospitals, roads, a cutting-edge telecommunications network, and much more were provided, and it continued to grow at the speed of light, and the largest port of the world was created in Jabal Ali, followed by a free zone around the harbor. Personal income and corporate tax rates and easy duties were among these rapid growths, thus quickly becoming a tourist and commercial intersection in the Middle East, which today extends from Egypt to the Indian subcontinent and from South Africa to countries Commonwealth is called widespread.

The United Arab Emirates, beneath the presidency of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, became one of the wealthiest nations in the world with a per capita GDP of more than $ 17,000 a year. The construction of real estate also encountered difficulties and was in a poor recession for three years, but despite all the crises, it was able to empower itself with a gradually organized and continuous plan, and these days, this city is a thriving and essential globally and a commercial town in the region.

Reza Jalali explains the geography and population conditions of Dubai:

Dubai is one of the cities of the United Arab Emirates. It is the most critical city in the country, which is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf and the cities of Abu Dhabi to the south, Sharjah to the north, and Oman to the southeast are bordered by this city, as mentioned before, it is located in the south of Iran and is the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates. There is a route, and you will not see any river or natural settlement because it is nothing but a desert. It has a limited natural bay called Dubai Creek, and it is deep enough for big ships to cross it. The northwest is extended to the southeast and divides the city into Deira and Dubai.


Successful investor and entrepreneur ” Elham Salari ” mentioned a few points about successful investment

What does investment mean?

Naturally, to enter any field, one must be familiar with the concept of that phenomenon, so first of all, applicants for investment must be familiar with this key concept. A general definition of investment is to bring money and cash capital into a market and buy the products of that market to make a profit and increase the initial capital. In other words, investing in simple language means turning money into several types of goods or assets that are not currently consumed and people want to keep it for a while in the future to benefit from its profitability.

Investing in each market is different, because each market requires its own skills to invest. Therefore, experience can play a key and important role for people. If a person enters a market without sufficient experience and inquiry, the probability of failure and loss is very high, because there are certainly other highly experienced people in that market who take advantage of opportunities. However, people with micro-capital can also succeed and multiply their capital if they have enough experience in a market like the capital market.

Ways to invest successfully

There are several ways to make a successful investment, 10 of which are as follows.

Taking the time to study the target market: موفق Successful investors are those who constantly spend their time reading books, newspapers, related magazines and listening to the news to know the latest trends in the market in which they want to invest.

Identifying the target market and forming the optimal portfolio: ‌ Among the principles of proper investment, the optimal combination that people choose for their portfolio; It is very important. Investors should try to keep their savings in the form of various assets. Diversifying your portfolio and forming an optimal mix is ​​an important strategy for high returns.

Avoiding risk: The category of investment naturally requires accepting a certain amount of risk. One must accept the fact that he was risk-averse to achieve his goals.

Uncomplicated investment process: It is observed in some cases that some people have several different trading accounts and invest in all of these accounts in the same way. Traders seem to think that by doing so, they are creating a diverse and secure portfolio, while this method is not a portfolio formation and investment diversification, but only makes working conditions more difficult.

Monitoring Market Fluctuations: Today, with the expansion of online analytics and trading platforms in the financial markets, to access the current stock prices around the world, it is enough to have a smartphone connected to the Internet. A high percentage of traders spend a lot of time during the day observing and following the mid-day market fluctuations, which is a clear example of wasting time.

Do not have a short-term view: We should not make decisions based on cross-sectional market fluctuations and we should have a long-term investment perspective as much as possible. Sometimes we may be less productive than our financial goals, and because of this you may feel bad about yourself or the market, which is perfectly normal. But if we have long-term goals, we know we have to draw conclusions based on our long-term performance.

Constant monitoring of their performance: Experienced investors know that the best indicator of future performance is past performance. If you have set big goals for yourself in addition to investing, focus on the strengths that have made you the most successful, avoiding the negatives and the fear of frustrating failure.

Consulting with professionals: ‌ We should always try to have experienced and professional people by our side and use their experiences. A successful investor should know that getting help from an expert team or a professional consultant can help him or her thrive.

Strategy Update: Another principle of investing is to update our investment plan periodically after consulting with experienced people. By doing this, we can add practical and new ideas to it and eliminate weak ideas.

Let go of prejudice: We must put aside emotions in investing and not always insist on investing in a particular stock or brand.


Dr. Mohammad Zeinali left Iran for Geneva. (Will Dr. Mohammad Zeinali says goodbye to his homeland after the World Championships ?!)

Recently, some various reports represent that Dr. Mohammad Zeinali has left Iran for Geneva, Switzerland.

He is an Iranian inventor and genius engineer who registered more than 15 inventions in various fields of telecommunications, electronics and medical engineering.

He also received Gold medals and Diamonds statues of the IUI International Institute for Patent and Innovation, and this honor made him known as one of the youngest and most successful inventors in the world.

This talented young scientist is reported to be preparing for the Geneva Patent Competition.

He has won three world gold medals at the Geneva-Switzerland Invention Competition so far.

His inventions are always full of practical innovation and novelty.

His other remarkable activities include presenting the Solar City (Eco city) plan, inventing electronic bracelets to control criminals and prisoners, building a radio telescope and writing a radio telescope training book along with its construction and design, building health education software and healthy lifestyle, and also design and construction of Phoenix central digital receiver to receive digital networks without the need for digital receivers next to the TV in large complexes such as hotels, hospitals, prisons and more over.

According to him, he had other inventions in his youth, which he had to sell to Caspian Electronics due to economic issues, and now he is the production CIO of this factory.

His remarkable activities are not limited to distinguished inventions and discoveries; but he also has many significant works in the field of writing and compiling scientific and cultural materials, including books such as Introduction to Radio Astronomy, Nonlinear and Comparative Control Systems. Discrete Optimal Reverse Time Control for nonlinear systems, familiarity with the principles and concepts of electronics and advanced control engineering published in the scientific field.

However, he has authored other books, entitled “Fostering Children’s Creativity” and “Creativity and Ideation Lessons”, which he has also taught himself.

His goal is to flourish and sow the seeds of creativity in children, and also nurture and spread them into adults.

The way that has been very effective in his inventions and innovations.

This successful and skilled young man, responding to the questions that have been asked about his emigration from homeland; stated that if there is a very suitable situation and atmosphere for him in another country, by accepting the invitation will migrate for a while to develop his sciences and acquire new abilities.

Eventually, it can consider that the activities and successes of such people in any part of the world will be beneficial and effective not only for the people of that country, but for the whole world.


What causes your business to fail? Interesting words from Ghafoor Ghatali, a famous Iranian entrepreneur

Some percentage of the businesses fail because they have no market for their product and services. The existence of a market for the product and services is vital for the creation of a business. Because the point of this business is to satisfy the need of the clients. In other words, the idea of a business is based on the needs demanded from the clients. As an example, the Uber company (the biggest taxi driving company) noticed that in the world the internet comes first, and everyone owns a smartphone, no one likes spending time finding a taxi for their commute to work, so they designed an application for everyone in everywhere to access taxi. But how should we identify these ideas and needs?

At first, you should see in what area you possess the information, ability, experience, and most importantly interest. In absence of interest, the end is clear from the beginning. 

After determining the area of activity, you should see how your opponents, that work in this area, service and offer their products and what points you can act differently. 

Then you should put yourself in clients’ shoes ask yourself what they expect from your business. 

 Finally, you can use the existing data from your clients. You can collect the data from research centers, cyberspace searches, thoughts, and comments of your opponents’ customers on their website, and more easily by making friendly contact with people and simply asking them, you can move towards satisfying their needs. 

2) ignoring your clients

14 percent of small businesses fail because of ignoring their clients. Since every business is created to satisfy a need of their clients (as mentioned previously), all our process and products and services should be according to comments, demands and need of the clients. Ignoring the client is followed by the death of the business. The client is the reason for the consistency of our business and as their demands are not answered, we lose our clients and the earnings are cut. To avoid stepping into such a situation, know that after gaining knowledge about client demands and supplying the product and services, you should keep the connection with the clients and ask for guidance to improve your services. This causes the clients to feel valuable and important and become loyal clients and even act as our marketer and suggest our products and services to the people around them. 

Absence of a professional working team

23 percent of the small businesses fail because of the absence of a team or a professional team corresponding to the definition of a team. The existence of a team is necessary. (let’s not say an advantage it is a necessity). A team consists of people having separate skills and working together as a completion to each other. To start a business, you need many skills. If you want to learn them all as single skills, it is not economically and timely beneficial. (But learning is necessary but to start a business you don’t need to learn everything). So, by gathering different people with different skills, coordinating them, and defining a common goal, make your business successful.


Serial Entrepreneur Nicholas Farago is a big time car enthusiast

Every boy has at least one car that is their absolute favourite even if they aren’t into cars. To put it simply, give a man a car and he will care for it like it’s a child. Nicholas Farago is one of those people who has extreme love for cars and has had a variety of them over the years.

In the last 20 years, Nicholas Farago’s journey as a car enthusiast has been tremendous. From owning a Toyota Land Cruiser to owning Bentleys and Ferraris, he has come a long way and it’s his love for cars continues to grow. Nicholas believes that cars are a man’s best friend!

“As they say, boys love their toys, when I was growing up, I couldn’t wait to turn 18 for the simple reason that I wanted to have my first car. There were a lot of elder guys in my locality who had these crazy cars with customisations and modifications and it always caught my fancy. After crossing 18, I started living my dream and owned the vehicles that I always desired”

Today, Nicholas Farago has excelled in the automobile sector and is today one of the best car-resellers as well who is known for his work across the world.

Nicholas is the CEO and founder of Farago Motors, a company based in Dubai. Farago Motors provides you with the best vehicles of your choice at very affordable rates.

After analyzing the growth in ‘Farago Motors’, Nicholas decided to facilitate this model to other traditional automobile companies to completely expand their car-reselling businesses via Farago Motors.

He is truly an inspiration for all those people who want to pursue their careers in the automotive sector. Moreover, his entrepreneurial journey contains a lot of positive things that every budding car enthusiast should must learn to excel in their career.

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Overcome the fear of starting a new business according to Ali Haji Mohammadi, the popular Iranian entrepreneur

Fear is a natural unpleasing sensitivity that is stimulated inside us against real dangers. Somehow fear exists intrinsically inside humans as well as happiness and anger.

Everyone when for the first time is employed for a job or starting a business faces some concerns like “what if I won’t be able to handle the work and get fired” or “what if I don’t make enough money and get broken and skint”. These fears are natural and rational, but the irrational part is when you stop progressing because of these fears. By caring about these obsessions, you may lose golden opportunities while another person by ignoring and overcoming these fears and with positive energy says “yes!” to any chance.

Why are we afraid of starting a new business?

Any businessman is anxious about their performance which comes out from some weaknesses in their business aspects. In other words, anyone considering their experience, knowledge, and talent, is confident in something and weak in others.

I don’t know where to start!

The starting point is crucial, so, everybody must know to start by doing what and where to finish. To know how and where to start, do some research about successful and active people in the business and find out how they start their business. Read articles and books related to what you aim to perform or watch documentaries on this matter.

I’m not an expert!

Running a business on your own needs some specializations; for example, if you want to run carpentry, you must have been working in a carpentry in advance and acquired the required knowledge for that, then you can work independently. If you don’t have adequate information about the products you sell, it won’t be reasonable for the customers to buy your goods, because you can’t provide them with the information they need and consequently they won’t trust you. You should seek knowledge and experience continuously. 


Hooman Pirveysi “ zirobam”, a successful singer and entrepreneur, talks about success

Hooman Zirobom with his real name Hooman Pirveysi, born on September 17, 1990, one of the successful entrepreneurs in Iran, the owner of the music company Zirobom, has mentioned some things in connection with success.

Certainly each of us has a different definition of success. But if we consider the common meaning of success, we must admit that the world of successful people is not always as happy and sweet as it seems from the outside.

Perhaps part of the root of this problem can be found in Dan Gilbert’s explanation of happiness: that our perception of success and the achievement of our goals and aspirations is different from what happens in practice, and that success seems to be a journey that In that dream, reaching the destination is sweeter than the experience of being in the destination city.

Success is the result of effort, but maintaining success still requires more effort. Something we usually forget. Sometimes, trying to stay successful takes so much energy and time that there is no opportunity to enjoy the experience of success.

Success has no stopping point

Maybe you, too, think of a day when you have a big house in your city and two big beach villas in the north and south of the country and maybe a few resorts abroad. Then read a classic wooden chair by the pool or seawater that can be sunbathed while sunbathing.

This dream scene can only be seen in movies. In the real world, failed and bankrupt people are more likely to experience such pleasure in silence and solitude!

Someone on the path to growth and success will probably need a wooden chair, a cell phone, a laptop, and the Internet. He probably can not be more than a few hours away from these devices. His dream is to be able to turn off his cell phone for a week or not take his laptop with him.

You will still find people who say that if they reach the desired level of success, they will not try too hard. They try to enjoy life. They accuse successful and wealthy people around them of greed and believe that their wealth is enough to support their next few generations. But they still can’t stop.

A distinction must be made between this desire to take one step further and perfectionism.

Perfectionism is a kind of undesirable behavior that can be corrected and modified. But dissatisfaction with the status quo is a personality trait that, by eliminating it, we become another person and no longer a former human being.

Doubts never go away

More and bigger success requires bigger #decisions. Bigger decisions mean more difficult choices. That is, setting aside large and valuable options in favor of options that seem larger and more valuable. If success was a prerequisite for choosing between a bad and a good option, everyone was successful. But success is the art of choosing between two options that look equally bad or equally good.

Or choosing the second option between the two options, in a situation where the general public considers the choice of the first option reasonable.

The moment of achieving the goals has an indescribable sweetness. But for us, the taste of this sweetness becomes very simple, simple and normal. That’s where we ask ourselves once again: Did I really want that?

Did I really want to study at this university?

Did I really want to immigrate to this country and start my own business here?

Did I really want an expensive car? Or did I want to strive for a higher social status?

Did I want to be the manager and owner of a big business? Or did I just not want to hear my supervisor nod?

Did I really want to work? Or did I just want to have a more active social presence?

Did I really want fame? Or was I looking for respect?

This list of verses never ends. Usually, on the path to success, we are so caught up in the effort and goal setting that we do not have the opportunity to think about the root of our aspirations. That is, questions of this kind, which must be asked in the first step of the journey, come before our eyes when we reach our destination.

Not everyone is happy with our success

It is unlikely that anyone would expect everyone to be happy with his success. Where such an atmosphere is formed, it is no longer the world and it can be called paradise.

But perhaps the most amazing common experience of successful people is changing the relationship of their friends with them. Those who felt by default should be happy with their success and growth.

We forget that people whose souls and minds have not grown and developed do not enjoy the growth of their friends, but only if they are still a little lower than them.

Many who pray for the wealth of the poor mean that the situation of the poor is a little better than it is. But if they are told that the situation of all the poor will be better than their own due to their prayers, they may reconsider their request!

Of course, the only reason for this behavior is not jealousy or short-sightedness. Sometimes, your greater success can call into question many of my justifications for not growing and not succeeding.

However, it is enough to search among the people who have climbed the ladder of growth and success to see that most of them have a common experience.

Success generally reduces our control over life

What is your weekend schedule?

Someone who has no job or position and is looking for work every day will probably say: he has no plan. It can’t have either. Because he has no money to spend.

Someone with little savings or a typical job position and income may be thinking about a trip, or maybe watching a movie in the movies, or maybe trying out a restaurant, or maybe having a small party.

Someone who is successful in the eyes of others (and by the standard of society) is likely to be more closed-minded.

It does not matter if his success is fame or fortune or power.

Powerful, he can not go anywhere, because there are always people who may threaten him and his power.

A celebrity can not go where he wants, because others will take his personal space from him.

Did we say all this to say that success is bad and should not be pursued? Certainly not.

But it seems that we must be careful that if we pursue success only on the basis of criteria that others know and measure, there will be many dangers and difficulties and bitterness in our path.