How Jack Pullen is making the motocross-world speechless

An 11-year-old on a motocross? This would probably be unimaginable for a lot of people, but in South Africa 11-year-old Jack Pullen has already won many awards for his passion for motocrossing. Meanwhile, the young motocross rider is sponsored by many well-known brands and companies in his industry. He has already learned at a young age It means making his vision a reality.

According to Jack, it takes three things for that: Passion, Dedication and Hard Work! Most people lack one or even more of these components. Just having a passion is not enough if you are not willing to set your priorities in everyday life.

For Jack, this meant not going to the cinema like other kids his age and not attending birthday parties in the past few years. In 2018, Jack started to focus fully on motocross-riding. In the same year, he was allowed to represent his country at the Motocross of African Nations.

He told us that he was approached at that time because of his young age. But that never disturbed him. For Jack, it’s not age that is important, but the passion that drives you to do what you want to achieve.

In the same year, he also won the Provincial Colours and National Colours awards. This was a special moment for Jack. His months of training had finally paid off for the young motocross rider. He was also crowned Regional Champion in 2018.

2019 was one of the most intense years for Jack. He wanted to commit himself fully to his training. For him it was no longer unusual to train 5 to 6 times a week. This year he was also allowed to represent his country in the Motocross of African Nations. He finished third at the event and fifth at the South African National MX Championship.

2020 was an unexpected year for all of us. It was no different for Jack. Although he had many plans, he had to take a step back because of the Corona pandemic. He was not able to leave the USA for 7 more weeks than planned, as there were no more flights to South Africa due to the lockdown in the States.

2020 was also the year in which he was successful for the first time in the USA as a motocross youngster. He finished second at the motocross event in florida. For him, it was the right kick in order to continue his career in the USA.

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