How To Build Your First 50_000 Followers On Instagram

You won’t have a lot of business without followers. They ‘re your fans, so they’re going to use your product. They could also be your biggest critics, where you’re going to need them so that you can grow and improve your business on Instagram.

Ultimately, for the positive and sort of bad, you ‘re going to need a decent amount of followers to help get you started. So here are some tips on how to get true followers.

Don’t buy followers. It’s literally like buying a deposit, it’s never going to end well. It’s not necessarily illegal to buy followers (though you may be banned), and there are a lot of services out there that allow you to do that.

But … just stop doing that. Mainly because these followers are more than likely to be ‘false.’ So while you may be raking up your followers, that might help you a little bit. You ‘re not going to get any involvement in your posts. And the Instagram algorithm prioritizes engagement before anything else.

What’s the safest way to get the real followers you may ask?

To continue with, make sure your profile is optimized. Have a user-friendly search name and a clear call-to – action icon. Or use a tool like to grow your Instagram account automatically.

Then, post at the right time when your audience is the most active. Take advantage of Instagram tips to help you find this out. If you’re on your early days, the CoSchedule General Mondays and Thursdays are the best days to post between 8-9 a.m. And avoid posting between 3-4 p.m. or during working hours.

With respect to the material that you will publish. Make it relevant, entertaining or value-added specifically for your audience. Do all this while you don’t make it look like an ad. Not a desperate ad, especially! It’s all supposed to seem ‘organic’ to them, like there’s a purpose, but without it looking too powerful.

Another alternative would be to host contests where they’d have to follow your account as a starting point. The real competitions might take place online, but you’d just have to drive them back to Instagram to get it to work. If it feels like a little bit of work to do this, there are tools that can help you sort out our competitions and push the next one on Instagram.

Hashtag ‘s gone! As long as you use appropriate hashtags for your brand, you can combine them with trendy hashtags and niche hashtags.

If you have a local product, use geotags as well. When people are close to you, they might be helped to discover you.

Look at ‘internet holidays’ there’s basically a holiday all these days, and have fun with that. Internet holidays are stuff like ‘national sibling day’ or ‘national left hand day’ and build enjoyable content around it, obviously as long as it still suits into the brand. Don’t get too mad about it!

Instagram expert Goread Likes recommends the takeover of Instagram. That would mean you getting in touch with another company and taking on their stories for a day or two. You ‘re practically a visitor on their accounts, which helps you to eventually attract some of their fans.

Promote your Instagram account somewhere else! Link your account to emails and promote it on other platforms , such as Facebook or Twitter.

While we’ve listed quite a few avenues to gain followers, and even though you wind up trying any of these things, there’s little guarantee that you’ll get instant results. As long as you retain a constant degree of Interaction both from the top and from the end, you can surely, but maybe slowly, draw followers to your profile.


Influencer marketing is at its peak right now in Instagram. The attraction to the influencers to endorse a brand is their existing fan base. And seeing influencers urging them to get a brand would make them believe that this brand is trustworthy, so they trust the guy.

Best ways to involve influencers in endorsing your brand:

Placement of your Instagram videos

Product launch

Takeovers in Instagram

Interviews of live camera

Creative static posts or Instagram stories about your brand that they put in their feeds.

Working with influencers may not be the answer to everyone. They can be costly for some, especially if the influencer has hundreds of thousands of followers. You might be looking at more than six payment figures to get them to work with you. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the results you want.

Having said that, please express your history to the influencer because you really want their person and their beliefs to match yours. Don’t just work with them, because they might be famous.

Sometimes even partnering for fewer or bigger target influencers could also be helpful. They would have had deep and loyal followers who would definitely benefit from your products and services.

Main things to be considered when working with influencers:

Commitment Rate: Do they have strong answers to their positions?

Amount of followers: Particularly when dealing with the micro-influencers, you tend to deal with someone who has a few thousand rather than a hundred.

Quality of their followers: does it look like they have fake followers’ accounts? Well, probably avoid that.

THEIR brand as a whole: can their brand be linked to yours? Do you have any similarities? If not, there might not be much point in working together.

Many partners for which they work: are they now collaborating for the competitors? And how many are they currently dealing with? You don’t want the material to be overlooked to other advertisers they serve at sea.

When working with influencers, be very clear about your objectives and what you want to achieve with them. But at the same time, let them do their best and let them be imaginative with how they want to support you.

Order to give them a clear call-to – action connection, whether it’s a link to an external website or through a special hashtag.

Finally , keep track of progress and see if it pays off working with the influencers. Look at your engagement rate, the quality of the new followers you ‘re receiving. And weigh it against whether the costs and the built relationship are worth working with the influencers again in the future.


Now, depending on what type of product you might offer, you ‘re looking to turn your followers into buyers. And here are few tips on how to transform them.

B2C companies could take advantage of the recent Instagram feature of ‘IG Shopping.’ However, to use this feature, you will need to set up your account as a shop profile.

This provides a connection to buy directly from a post where a specific product may be shown. Many apps that also make you shop right from those links, the ones with the shopping bags in the corner will help you do that.

Related acts can also be carried out on video posts.

When the company is not about selling actual products, there are still other options for you to turn the fans into customers.

Your call-to-actions are going to be very important. With these, you let your followers know what you want them to do from the beginning. Get where you want them to end, get your call-to – action in as many places as you can.

Ideally, link your Instagram efforts to an email strategy.

Offer content to Instagram only, where they would need to sign up through a link.

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