How to find your Router’s IP address on Linux?

No doubt, you’ve heard about modems and routers but never took the time to understand what they are and never got the answers of how to find your Router’s IP address on Linux. Well, we’re here to help you and resolve this issue from your life.

Briefly, a router generates a network for the computer in your room, which means a router connects devices to WiFi. On the other hand, finding IP addresses is very easy as it follows the same pattern in every device. IP addresses are most commonly found on the Network setting of any device, and then finding the gateway option will lead to your destination.

Before knowing about the steps on How to find your Router’s IP address on Linux, you must know about the Router and What does a router do?

What does a router do? 

A router is a device that connects to the modem. It creates a local network, which in other words can also be termed as a private network in your house, office, or a business like a coffee shop, and you can connect to the WiFi, i.e., to the local router. Routers provide the facility to split the internet connection of IP, for example, of - router IP address to several devices and run a firewall.

Another specification of the router is that it can even connect to a VPN. The device hides between your internet connection and your local network. In addition to this, the router protects your devices by not being directly exposed to the internet. But, even router’s cannot be directly connected to the internet which means it must be connected or plugged into a device which can transmit your digital traffic over whatever type of internet connection you have and that device is called the modem

How to find your Router’s IP address on Linux windows

The following are the simple steps to find your Router’s IP address in Linux windows.

  • Click on the network icon in the notification area of your device. 
  • Select the option names – connection information or Network settings.
  • You can find your IP address written next to the Default Router or gateway.
  • Your router IP address will be shown something like this

The Conclusion

Most of the desktops with Linux windows have a network icon above in their notification area. Usually, you can easily click on the network icon and look for the option named: Network settings. And your Router’s IP address will be next to Gateway or default router.

Now, you’ve known the path to find your Router’s IP address in Linux windows, but the way to find Router IP address is the same for any device. Just look for the network connection option and boom, you’ll be near to its IP address.

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