How to release great album in the streming age – with Ike Mann

What are your thoughts on the notion of an artist releasing an album in the streaming age?

Personally I’m well aware of the importance of timing when an artist is releasing new music, and the importance of additional content to support those releases. The timing has to be right for an album and the demand has to be there, for fans to consume an entire album. 

Ensuring that the album that you plan to release, is a cohesive body of work and not just a bunch of great songs packaged together is crucial. The album should be created with the intent to be consumed as a whole, and I think that may have be an after-thought for some artists in this single-focused streaming era.

That’s always been my approach to artist development: releasing an artist’s music where we are always thinking about how the next piece of music is going to be consumed, and how we get to, not necessarily a final destination, but a larger moment with an album.

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