In China, Tesla Releases A Significantly Revised Model Y

In China, Tesla has shown a significantly upgraded Model Y with new wheels, an LED light strip, and improved acceleration.

Although it isn’t a significant upgrade, it should be noted.

Tesla stealthily launched an improved Model Y out of the Gigafactory Shanghai while everyone’s attention was focused on the introduction of the new Model 3.

The LED strip surrounding the dash, which originally debuted in the newly updated Model 3, is now being added to the Model Y as part of the upgrade.

Although it doesn’t have the same appearance as the new Model 3, the ambient light strip is fairly comparable and can similarly be changed to a variety of colours via the centre display.

The standard wheels for the Model Y, the Gemini wheels, have also been somewhat changed by Tesla with a deeper shade:

The standard Model Y now accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.9 seconds thanks to a modification made by Tesla.

Only the Model 3 and Model Y cars leaving the Gigafactory Shanghai have been updated as of yet.

The vehicles are anticipated to only be offered in regions that currently import Tesla vehicles built in China, such as Asia, Europe, and Canada.

It should be noted that Tesla advisors have informed consumers in China that the revised Model Y still has the older Autopilot 3.0 Hardware rather than the more recent HW 4.0 found in US-made vehicles.

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