In Japan, A Honda Accord With Updated Inside Is Displayed

In 2023, the age-old Honda Accord received a significant facelift that upgraded the interior and gave it more sophisticated styling. The car is still relatively new, but there have been some alterations made, at least to the international version, which made its debut on the automaker’s media website a few days ago.

Even while it might not be an exact replica of what we’ll see in the American automobile for upcoming releases, the Japanese Accord has undergone upgrades that include a redesigned dashboard, updated temperature controls, and the elimination of the physical gear shift lever. The former climate design relied on a number of buttons and knobs to swiftly adjust settings, but the new setup only uses one dial. The single control, known as the “Experience Selection Dial,” can be used to modify the car’s lighting, audio, climate, and other features.

Honda substituted a series of buttons with options for park, reverse, neutral, and drive in place of the actual shift lever. The parking brake and drive mode selection controls are placed on each side of the new arrangement. Photos depict an infotainment interface that doesn’t seem to have changed as a result of the update to a new control system. A new 360-degree camera for Japan is among the Honda Sensing safety system’s improvements, and the company also notes ambitions to increase the car’s hands-free driving capabilities by 2025.

A “newly developed” hybrid system with two motors, a CVT, and a 2.0-liter four-cylinder is mentioned in Honda’s Japanese press release; this is likely a reference to the powertrain that Honda introduced in the next-generation automobiles in 2022. The petrol automobile is not mentioned for international markets.

While these modifications are making their debut for the 2024 Accord in Japan, they are not present in the 2024 model that we receive. The gear shifter and physical climate controls are still there inside, and Americans have the option of a gas or hybrid powerplant. If these improvements do come to American Accord models, they’ll probably do so as part of a mid-cycle refresh in 2025.

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