‘It’s been an amazing journey’: Taekwondo class builds black belt families

Master Amitis Pourarian started offering family taekwondo classes at The Studio Martial Arts and Fitness around two years prior. She considered it to be a path for families to spend time together while remaining active.

“You’re getting fit, you’re getting your black belt and you’re learning self-defense,” Pourarian said. “You’re spending quality time with your family and you’re building camaraderie. It’s just a win-win across the board.”

The class is available to all ages and skill levels.

The Valencia family started practicing taekwondo around four years back. Presently, everybody in the family has earned their black belt.

“It has been an amazing journey to do it as a family,” mother Michelle Valencia said. “Seeing my children grow, their confidence, and just seeing them from white belts, not knowing how to kick or punch, and now I’m confident they can protect themselves if need be.”

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