Jensen Ackles is Portraying Justin Hartley’s Brother on Tracker, the Actor has Revealed

Who will play his on-screen sibling has been identified by Justin Hartley.

In a video he shared on Instagram to express gratitude to viewers of his CBS drama series Tracker, Jensen Ackles will be appearing as a guest star, portraying the estranged brother of Hartley’s character, Colter Shaw.

He opens the video by saying, “It’s been a great response, we’re thrilled and over the moon.” “I have a little bit of news for you. We’ve been talking about Russell Shaw, my brother, all season, [with] this family drama that’s been going on between Colter and Russell.”

“We finally came up with what I think is the perfect casting choice. This person knocks it out of the park every time,” he continues.

Hartley then playfully says, “We agreed to do this together, but he is in the middle of something,” pointing out that Ackles’ focus is on the arcade game he is playing rather to his new co-star. At the end of the video, Ackles offers him a sheepish smile.

In a remark on the video, Ackles made light of the exchange by saying, “I put that caution tape up for a reason. Me and Galaga can get messy. I had too much fun mixing it up with you, Hartley. Let’s do it again.”

The episode, which is scheduled to run on May 12, will include Ackles’ Russell. According to the official logline, Colter is obliged to work with his brother after the latter asks for assistance in finding an old army comrade who has vanished after exhibiting obsessive behavior for several weeks. As the brothers deal with their family’s background, the investigation immerses them in the world of Special Forces missions, dubious off-book projects, and conspiracy theories.

The Never Game by Jeffrey Deaver, which follows “reward seeker” Colter Shaw as he tracks people and things using survivalist techniques for a price, is adapted as Tracker.

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