Lucy & Louis Is Fostering Life-Long Friendships

Finding friends as a child these days isn’t as easy as it used to be. With the rise of technology, smartphones, and video games, kids are socializing less and less in person and that is detrimental to their development, especially at an early age. The innovating hair salon and entertainment space out of Canada, Lucy & Louis, is bringing an authentic spirit back to kids and offering them a chance to make lifelong friends.

Lucy & Louis is a place for kids to get a haircut, play, and eat together. The business was developed by TripleOne, one of the most successful decentralized companies in the world that focused on investment and innovation. At TripleOne, people from all classes of society and all ages collaborate to make decisions on investments and small business support.

The idea for Lucy & Louis started as a hair salon, but soon enough the owners realized that there was so much more potential and that they shouldn’t limit it. This is how the concept grew and expanded. It now encompasses theme nights, birthday party celebrations, and lots of exciting games that not only boost cognitive abilities for kids, but also help them build their very first network of friends.

The way that the business model works is based on subscription. Parents can sign up for a different level of subscription, ranging from the baseline to a more advanced one. Signing up is easy and takes virtually no time. Once signed up, parents can bring their kids in and celebrate their birthday or simply drop them off for game night. Lucy & Louis has a dedicated staff that always does their best to support kids and parents.

The haircut aspect is one tangible perk of visiting Lucy & Louis. A kid always remembers the first time they get their hair cut and styled. This can either be a very traumatic experience or a wonderful memory. Lucy & Louis makes sure that it’s always the latter. During the pandemic they even developed at-home haircut kits that will soon debut on Amazon, eBay, and via social media. The creators are extremely enthusiastic and are pouring their hearts and souls into the business.

Lucy & Louis is developing custom kits for children equipped with toys so that their haircut feels special and tailored, even if it’s happening at home and their mom or dad is the stylist. The mission of Lucy & Louis is to direct kids toward self-fulfillment from an early age. Their clientele falls between kids aged two to 13. Regardless of their age, kids greatly enjoy the space and its events because this is where they find like-minded kids who end up being their friends for decades. The Lucy & Louis venues are enjoying amazing success and are currently thriving, as kids have missed out on too many opportunities to play and socialize during the pandemic. The future looks extremely bright for this company that is all about providing the highest quality experiences paired with exciting innovation.

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