Lukas Tsimopoulos is documenting his stellar business journey

There are far too many entrepreneurs on social media who share snippets of their lives and wealth, but not their secrets. Lukas Tsimopoulos is different. The self-made Australian entrepreneur is excited to share the strategies that are helping him make upwards of six figures per month at the age of 20.

Lukas has already been in business for six years now. “I first dipped my toe into the world of business when I was 14. I was really bored and I thought that it would be fun to sell things on eBay,” he recalls.

This was the foundation of his knowledge of e-commerce, marketing, and sales. Lukas saw success quickly. “I started making more and more money each month. I even made $100,000 in one month,” he shares. However, he also makes a point that starting out is the most difficult step of all.

“Look, you may feel overwhelmed or confused at the very beginning and that’s totally fine. You just have to resist the urge to quit. I get a lot of questions through my personal Instagram on how I’ve done things and I’m happy to answer them all,” he says.

Lukas is a mentor by nature. He is happy to give tips and advice to those who look up to him. His current followers on Instagram now number over 70,000, and Lukas is happy to engage as much as he possibly can with each and every one of his fans.

“I want to provide value to people. I actually sit down and read through all the messages. I want to be one of those people who isn’t afraid to divulge some of his secrets,” he says.

Tsimopoulos loves what he does. He doesn’t foresee any retirement plans. “I genuinely enjoy my work. This is why I got started and this is why I continue. I feel fulfilled. I’ve built the lifestyle that I always wanted for myself and opportunities just keep coming my way,” he shares.

Legacy is important to Lukas. He recalls that at the beginning of his career, he would look for mentors on social media and ask questions. Some got back to him, but many did not. This is why Tsimopoulos wants to be the type of person who helps inspire the masses. “I want to be a good guy and be remembered as someone who cared to make an impact and to help people surpass their limits,” he explains.

“I take the time to respond to every single message on my Instagram. Why do I do it? Well, what if someone is motivated but afraid and just needs that final push to launch their business? What if I could give them that push? I think it’s absolutely worth my time to be that motivator!”

Lukas sees the internet as an invaluable resource of information and inspiration. According to the entrepreneur, if every successful business owner gave just one piece of advice to someone who’s starting out, everyone will reach their goals much faster and make the world a better place.

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