Mahindra Will Launch Bolero & Scorpio EVs in India

By 2030, Mahindra plans to introduce seven new electric SUVs to the Indian market, two of which are anticipated to be the Mahindra Scorpio and Bolero.e.

Mahindra, an Indian automaker, recently revealed its intention to introduce electrified versions of the Bolero and Scorpio SUVs. “All ICE brands would be electrified over time,” declared Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director and CEO (Auto and Farm Sector) of Mahindra, during the company’s investor presentation. Like the Thar.e and XUV.e, the Scorpio and Bolero SUVs will adopt the ‘e’ suffix.

Mahindra had recently revealed that the brand intends to launch seven new electrified SUVs in the Indian market by 2030. There are rumours that the ladder-frame chassis will not be used in the Scorpio.e and Bolero.e due to difficulties in creating Born-EVs on this platform.

On August 15, 2023, Mahindra also unveiled the Thar.e concept, which is built on the company’s modular INGLO (India GLObal) skateboard platform, codenamed P1. It is probable that the Mahindra Scorpio.e and Bolero.e are constructed on the same platform. The wheelbase of the P1 platform is between 2,775 and 2,975 mm. For those who are unaware, the wheelbases of the current Mahindra Bolero and Scorpio-N are 2,680mm and 2,750mm, respectively.

The Scorpio.e and Bolero.e are anticipated to be powered by the same battery packs and motors as Mahindra’s previous electric SUVs. When the Thar.e concept was unveiled last year, it included a front motor that produced 109 horsepower and a rear motor that produced 286 horsepower and 535 Nm, and it could drive both wheels.

Either a 60 kWh or an 80 kWh battery pack will probably be installed on the Mahindra P1 platform. The WLTP range of the 60-kWh battery might be 325 km, and the WLTP range of the 80-kWh battery might be between 435 and 450 km. Mahindra has not yet disclosed the precise mechanical specifications.

By 2025, Mahindra plans to introduce the electric SUV models XUV.e8, XUV.e9, and BE.05. Since quite some time ago, all of these electric SUVs have been seen undergoing testing on Indian roads. By 2026–2027, the firm also intends to launch the new-generation Bolero. Additionally, Mahindra will unveil U171, the next-generation ladder-frame design that will serve as the foundation for Mahindra’s next SUVs and pickup trucks.

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