Managing his passion for fitness and tattoos, Sergio Feray has emerged as a robust entrepreneur.

Sergio Feray is dedicated to upping his fitness game and gets inked at least once per month, in addition to running a successful business enterprise.

For any entrepreneur, the most important aspect of his business is the profit it generates. Making money along with following all your passions is a dream for many entrepreneurs, and only a few could achieve that. It is very crucial to be a good manager to become a successful entrepreneur. There are only a few entrepreneurs who satiate all their passions by managing their schedule and time perfectly and score huge profits for their business, one of whom is Sergio Feray. Aged 29, Sergio Feray is an astute entrepreneur who has evolved as a robust entrepreneur and satiated his passion for fitness and tattoos by combing them with a modern vision.

He hails from Barcelona and is a strict believer in the “action speaks louder than words” philosophy. Sergio Feray leads a company with over 50 employees and has tripled its annual revenue in recent years with his classic entrepreneurial approach. His business method and skill focus on the market demands with the desire for constant growth and innovation. He is a tattoo-freak and loves to get inked time and time again. To move his tattoo project forward, he gets inked at least once per month. He also encourages fitness regimes and works out diligently. He does calisthenics, CrossFit, weight training in his six days a week workout schedule. Sergio has many tattoos on his body, including those on his sides, legs, back, and sleeves. Some of the tattoos are realistic and some are from the fictional world. Miguel Bohigues from V Tattoo is his relied tattoo artist.

Sergio Feray’s determination and vision to carve out a successful business did not sacrifice his other passions like fitness and tattoos, once he returns home from his office, his other passions take over in his daily routine. He has become extraordinary at his time management skills, hoping from his position as an entrepreneur to upping his fitness game, to exploring the art of tattoos. His social media following has also increased, as he shares his passions eloquently. His Instagram account has more than 200000 followers already; it is his passion for fitness, tattoos, and his exquisite managing skills that have helped him evolve as a robust entrepreneur.

Follow him now on Instagram, @sergioferay to know more.

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