Mario Selva is a marketing genius

They say that one becomes successful when they pursue their passion. Mario Selva, the Italian marketer, is a true testament to that belief.

He started out in Naples, where he pursued and completed a degree in Business. “I was always excited about finance. But I also loved psychology and sales, so that led me to marketing,” shares Mario. He graduated in 2017 and immediately jumped into business. “I started out helping Amazon sellers increase their profits. Then, one day, the platform deactivated my account and I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wanted full independence,” he explains.

Selva focused on e-commerce and social media marketing. “It worked like a charm,” he says. Mario was able to catch the trend early on and capitalize on his existing skillset. In 2018, he went all-in on marketing and that led him to generate $180,000 online in just four months.

“I took my profit, which was about 25%, and I invested the whole thing right away into my next business. On top of that, I kept reading and learning and following my gurus to make sure that my next business was just as prosperous,” he recalls.

His next venture indeed was hugely prosperous. Mario made $1.5 million dollars in only 18 months, which allowed him even more freedom to learn. “I’d spend maybe 80% of my time studying. I didn’t have much of a social life, but it paid off big time,” he shares.

The main reason why Mario is so good at marketing is because he is in love with it. “It fascinates me! These social media platforms keep changing their algorithms all the time. I need to decipher Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, pretty much every few months,” he explains, “and when I do, it gets even more exciting!”

Mario has rejected many business proposals. “If I’m not excited about the work. I choose not to do it. I turn it down right away, and the money doesn’t matter,” he says. “I only like to work on projects that excite me, so I can have a clear vision and draft up a plan,” he adds.

It takes guts to decline large and profitable projects, but this is why Selva stays true to his values. He approaches business with integrity and authenticity, which is why his thousands of followers adore him.

Now, Mario is working on creating and branding some new products: “I’m so excited about the future! I can’t wait to see it all through!” He employs a team of two who are equally as passionate about the work as he is and are happy to spend the time learning and growing together.

“I don’t even plan on retiring,” admits Selva. “I just love the work so much. I get to run my own business and do things that interest me every single day.” The future looks bright for this entrepreneur who has a strong vision and an even more resilient mindset.

You can follow Mario Selva’s business journey on Instagram.

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