Marketer Marco Calamassi Shares His Best Tips On Fighting Stress And Achieving Prosperity

You built several companies in the digital environment. How did you do that ? How do you manage to run them all at the same time ?

Since I was a kid I had a passion for “creating stuff” and see how others would react and interact with them. I literally love creating, transforming ideas into products or most times discovering needs in the marketplace and turn that need into a service. Till 2017, I only owned one business. In the last 3 years I decided to differentiate and build several divisions, each one specialized in a specific marketing sector. It’s like compounding interests, with several dedicated departments you compound clients. You lower the acquisition cost a lot.

You often talk about learning and delegating: how and when those are necessary ?

They are connected. I cannot stop learning, I’m curious by nature and every topic interests me. This forces me to delegate what I was personally handling before to the experts of that specific skill. I keep learning new things and I delegate the old. Rinse and repeat. An entrepreneur needs to master and be the best at some skills but at the same time he gotta have an overall knowledge, from A to Z. That would allow him to have an oversight and a bigger picture of any given situation, process or project.

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