Mastering Online Trading: The Antony Rossi Way

A simple 25-year-old guy from Bari, Antony Rossi, ventures into the world of online trading. Also known as TOL (Trading Online), it involves buying and selling financial instruments through the internet.

An important aspect that Antony emphasizes is the psychological strength required to handle this line of work. When you win or lose significant amounts of money, you can become sensitive to certain situations. You may fall into depression and feel shattered, or you can feel euphoric for making €10,000 in a single day through a trade. To navigate these situations without becoming emotionally involved, it is crucial to treat money as numbers rather than a “monetary mass.” By viewing money as numbers, they remain as such, whether they come in or go out. This approach helps avoid becoming enslaved by money and overly dependent on trading.

Antony’s business is a team effort, as his entire ecosystem and team strive to provide exceptional services to their audience. Unlike competitors who offer training, private mentorship, masterclasses, and consultations, his company, Wolf Academy, goes beyond all of that. They offer the limited opportunity to have managed trading accounts directly provided by the company, starting from €25,000 up to €500,000. This means that clients do not need to add more funds to start trading.

The trading accounts provided by Wolf Academy have certain limits that must be respected to operate within them. At the end of each month, 70% of the overall profits go to the account manager, while the remaining 30% covers broker fees for server management, account maintenance, and structure upkeep. Additionally, if clients lose money, they are not held responsible. They are free to operate as they see fit and generate profits. This differentiation sets Antony and his company apart as a solution in this field.

In 2021, Antony obtained his first managed account worth €80,000. In 2022, he acquired two more accounts worth €500,000 each, accompanied by their respective certificates. In 2021, he also participated in the Master’s program in Technical Analysis of Financial Markets offered by the Italian Society of Technical Analysis, which is recognized at the European level. The Master’s program attests to his extensive knowledge in trading, financial instruments, and the world of finance in general. It carries the signatures of the treasurer, the President of SIAT (Italian Society of Technical Analysis) Davide Bulgarelli, and the President of the Technical-Scientific Committee, which is composed of experts, scholars, doctors, and professors. This committee is one of the highest-ranking institutions in Italy, and receiving recognition from them is an honor.

According to Antony, this Master’s program validates the trading sector’s credibility and the immense professionalism it entails. It provides a sense of trust and allows individuals to rely on competent experts. The program has even been featured in other news publications.

In addition to his trading career, Antony has built a YouTube channel with 400,000 subscribers and 100 million views. Through his channel, he has had significant collaborations with companies such as Playstation, San Carlo, Elgato, Asos, and Razer.

His agency offers comprehensive training in trading, investments, and finance, consisting of 270 lessons, over 50 chapters, and more than 22 hours of lectures. They also provide one-to-one mentorship and managed accounts with thousands of euros, as described earlier, directly from their company. This gives their clients an advantage over others in the field.

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