Meet James Parry, aka Jay, an ace entrepreneur who created a 7 figure business during lockdown.

From hopping from one job to another to creating his unique niche as a growing e-commerce entrepreneur, Jay has done it all.

When we look around the world right now, we notice how things have been changing at a rapid pace, owing to the changes that have been created by what is today known as the global health pandemic. On one end, businesses were shutting shops and laying off employees, while on the other end, some online businesses saw a surge in its growth, which somewhere instilled the lost hope in entrepreneurs. The e-commerce world is one of these industries that saw a constant rise and major credit must also go to many young entrepreneurs who took the industry by storm with their dropshipping business. One such name that has helped create this milestone is James Parry, who through is dropshipping business, has created his unique niche all over the globe by working with numerous brands via Shopify.

James Parry went ahead in creating 7-figures in business amidst lockdown in the UK and this in itself proves the leadership, passion and excellence of this young entrepreneur. Interestingly, this youngster initially worked at multiple jobs in his career before becoming one of the leading dropshipping entrepreneurs he is today. After working at different industries, he discovered dropshipping and since then has never looked back. While growing his stores and developing his skills, he even started to offer store builds and mentoring to others. This allowed him to help more than 100 people create an income online, where some of them even went ahead in making 6-figures. The best example is Bailey Knight, his best mate and business partner now who has made over 7-figures in business amidst lockdown.

Currently, Jay runs a few dropshipping stores, which have done over 7-figures in profit since the lockdown, where most of the traffic comes from Instagram. Jay always despised working in a 9-5 job environment and knew that there was more to life. This encouraged him to create something of his own, and today he stands tall not only as a high-performing entrepreneur but also a mentor who has transformed the lives of many to grow their brands and create an online income.

Giving a piece of advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs, Jay says that just start. People must overcome their fear of starting and not worry too much about failing. He suggests people to listen to their dreams, make necessary efforts and execute the insane ideas they may have for growing their business. Even amidst these trying times, the massive growth of his business can be attributed to his passion and commitment in making it huge with dropshipping.

To know more about Jay, follow him on Instagram @jaye.

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