Meet Young & Best Fashion Influencer of Delhi – Mohit Verma

Today social media influencers cover virtually every niche you can imagine. An influencer can change the lives of people with their way of life, whether its fashion or any field. Influencers are not limited to style in social media. But people mostly love to see top names fashion sense for sure. So we cannot deny as an influencer if your niche is a fashion then you will gain a good number of fans worldwide.

Today the fashion world understands that social media plays a vital role so brands connect with the right influencers who can lift the name of the brand with their taste and looks.

Delhi has been a top place for fashion lovers like Mumbai and other main cities of India. Many competent fashion experts share their views with blogging and clothes on their social media accounts. We spotted one emerging name Mohit Verma comes from Delhi. He has been buzzing high from few years for his styling, photography and also blogging.

Mohit Verma started his journey as a regular blogger, but his excellent sense of writing and fashion sense has made him the leading fashion Icon of Delhi. Now Mohit Verma’s name comes in the best fashion Influencer of Delhi.

It is so good to see when social media changes the lives of people. Youngsters like Mohit Verma are using technology for a good cause, and they deserve every fame they get in their life.

Being a fashion Influencer Mohit Verma gives you good options or say a variety of choices for a regular lifestyle. Mohit’s photography is also helping him grow faster as a fashion influencer as he is able to display his fashion sense with the right photography.

It has been a roller coaster ride for Mohit Verma from nothing to become the best fashion influencer of Delhi. Very few fashion influencers in Delhi earning names and bucks like Mohit Verma. This young lad has become an idol for many fashion lovers and bloggers in India, as his fan following has crossed 65k on every platform of social media from Instagram, twitter to FB. You can even check his profile – @itz_mohit_verma

So if you are looking for useful tips in fashion then don’t go far in the western world we have our own fashion Icon’s from Delhi- Mohit Verma.

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