Microsoft Upgrades Photos in Windows 10 and 11 to Include Additional AI

If Microsoft is to be believed, Windows Insiders cannot get enough AI, as the company is releasing AI-enhanced Photo upgrades for Windows 10 and 11.

AI photo editing has been around for a while. Since 2023, owners of Pixel phones and Google One have had access to the Magic Eraser feature, so it was only a matter of time until Microsoft added Generative Erasure to the Spot Fix tool.

It’s a useful tool, but mobile phones—which, let’s be honest, are typically the source of the photos that require editing—provide some fierce competition.

The move by Microsoft to include all of the AI editing capabilities that were previously exclusive to Windows 11 on Windows 10 is more intriguing, though.

For a few months now, Microsoft has been forcing AI features onto Windows 10, even though the operating system’s shelf life is rapidly approaching. The company confirmed that 2025 will still be the last year for Windows 10 and announced the launch of Copilot on the platform in November 2023.

Additionally, Microsoft has added artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to the well-known Paint program with Paint Cocreator, a feature that uses the Azure DALL-E service to create an image based on text input. It does, however, work on a credit-based system, requiring a Microsoft account; each image uses one credit.

Microsoft is probably going to keep introducing more AI-powered features to its operating system. This week, Copilot was given access to a few more parameters, and Notepad recently received an AI update.

Although Windows 10 does not have as strong of an influence over Copilot as Windows 11, it is not difficult to envision further AI technologies appearing in the previous operating system through Microsoft store program upgrades.

All Windows Insiders will receive the Photos app upgrade across all channels. Even though Windows 10 users would have preferred a few more months of support over additional AI functionality on their desktop, the arrival of an AI tool that has long been available on competing platforms will be welcomed by the faithful given Microsoft’s determination to be a leader in the AI field.

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